Tamara Naoura: The Dubai-Based Fashionista

We, at The Modern East, love to appreciate our UAE-based talent, and for today’s feature, we have the pleasure of introducing one of the youngest, Dubai-based fashion icons to all of our fashion lovers. Tamara Naoura is a 21-year-old Lebanese Fashion Design Student living and studying in Dubai and has recently taken off on her social media platforms through her passion for fashion and admirable opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about her!

Tamara’s Inspiration & Style

Credits: Instagram (@tamara.naoura)

From a young age, Tamara says she, and her parents always knew she would enter the creative field. “It started with me paying attention to details, photography, and art, and then I got into a painting which I pursued for a few years,” she tells us, “I would always find a way to relate anything back to design in general and discovered my love for fashion.” Throughout her journey in the fashion industry, she also discovered an admiration towards the design industry itself – including graphic design, architecture, and interior, which she tries merging with the fashion industry! “I do not limit myself just to fashion, although it is my ultimate passion.”

Tamara gets her inspiration from anything around her! “Anything that has some sort of structure or texture inspires me, she says, “Architecture is one that I always gravitate towards, as I see a lot of resemblance between fashion and architecture in terms of structure and form. I think it is super interesting to see how objects and nature can influence design, and that is something I always use as a reference when coming up with a concept.”

Tamara’s style can be described as quite diverse and eclectic. “My style is based more on what I am feeling that day,and of course the occasion that I am dressing for,” she says, “Growing up, I was never really feminine with my outfits, I would stay away from skirts and dresses, but as I’m growing older I’m experimenting with different styles that merge different styles together. You will rarely see me in heels, and if you do, they are usually in my hand and I’m walking in my socks!”

Accolades and Moving Forward

Credits: Instagram (@mbcbeautymatch)

Since Tamara’s expression online through fashion, she has received admirable opportunities – one of which being a stylist on MBC’s “Beauty Match,” hosted by none other than Joelle! “I think that experience led me to many opportunities within this industry and helped me grow my social circle on the internet from a young age. From that experience, I got many more opportunities helping me get my name and vision out there to people, and I plan on pursuing that alongside my career being a fashion designer,” Tamara says.

The fashion industry has a huge impact on making statements and diversifying people’s perspectives into designing a better lifestyle for people. We see a lot of brands now becoming more sustainable or designing for people with specific needs that could help their performance, and Tamara is taking that into consideration while looking towards her future in the industry “I am actually working on something now that is supposed to assist in back posture,” she tells us, “I think the field is super interesting because it is not just about making something look appealing. In fact, it should never be like that. There has to be a purpose as to why we are designing what we are designing, taking into consideration what that garment will do for the user. I think fashion gave me a wider perspective on everything, and definitely allowed me to explore different fields such as the medical industry, engineering, and much more that school did not even teach me!”

“I think people sometimes underestimate the power the creative field has on people, and the influence it has making a change or designing for a purpose,” Tamara says, “I’m hoping that my brand in the future represents my morals as an individual and represents my customer’s values and morals as well. I definitely would love to do something related to sustainability, alongside I would love to work with people from different fields in order to widen up the industry.”

We can’t wait to see what else Tamara has in store for the fashion industry through her eclectic range of ideas and values. Follow her on Instagram now to keep up with her journey!


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