Upcycled Fashion: Nine Lives by Tania Dubayssi

We, at The Modern East, love to appreciate our UAE-based talent, and for today’s feature, we have the pleasure of introducing one of the newest Dubai-based fashion designers to all of our fashion lovers. Tania Dubayssi is a 21-year-old Lebanese Fashion Design Student studying in DIDI, and one of the region’s youngest upcoming designers – the best part is, her line, Nine Lives is upcycled!

Upcycled clothing is the method of taking old, worn out or damaged materials and transforming them into brand new pieces. Also referred to as repurposed clothing, reused clothing, and recycled clothing, upcycled garments are becoming increasingly popular in the contemporary fashion industry, and Tania has hopped onto the movement – a great way to direct her career path.

How Nine Lives Began

Credits: Instagram (@ninelives.ae)

“The idea came to me when I began to realize that I actually wanted to make my own designs,” Tania tells us, “I wanted to create items that aren’t found in stores. I’ve been into thrifting and sustainable shopping for a while, so I created this brand to restore and revive pre-owned clothes and turn them into new pieces.”

“I believe fashion has helped me breakthrough my anxieties and has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, it has expanded my creativity and allowed me to express myself the way I want to be perceived,” she says.

Tania’s Values: Functionality, Empowerment, and Sustainability

Credits: Instagram (@ninelives.ae)

Tania’s inspiration consists of a balance between contemporary and functionality, while believing in the creation of garments to encourage and empower femininity. “My designs encourage self-empowerment, as, not only are you wearing something beautiful, but you’re also partaking in the sustainable development,” she says, “My brand is sustainable based, and created to lessen the fabric wastage that is causing the Fast-Fashion industry to be one of the many causes for pollution and carbon emissions. I wanted to create something that is timeless, and seasonless.”

The rise of fast fashion corporations been affecting our climate for a long time now, especially considering the fashion industry is one of the biggest causes for pollution due to mass production and fabric wastage being thrown into landfills. Upcycling and reworking items will encourage you to stop purchasing from fast fashion corporations as it is limitless, you can create a new piece out of an old and outdated item. Be part of the change, our environment depends on us.  “Upcycling is a fun way to bring out your creativity, to challenge yourself to create a new piece with items that you already have,” Tania says, “It is really important to educate yourself on sustainable fashion and how much of an impact you could make if you’re partaking in sustainability. Be part of the change, our environment depends on us.”

Accolades and Moving Forward

Credits: Instagram (@ninelives.ae)

Since the brand’s launch, not only has it gained recognition in only a month, but Tania has also had many interests and support into the brand, “People are fascinated how I could turn an old item into a new fashionable trendy piece,” she says, “My brand has had the opportunity to be placed in a store in box park Urbanist, and that has helped get my brand’s name out there allowing more opportunities to come my way.”

For the future, Tania is looking into finding more sustainable-based boutiques in Dubai to add the brand into stores. “I believe that once people start to understand the importance of being sustainable, Nine Lives will definitely flourish. I would like to turn my small brand into a big atelier and expand my ideas even more, creating new designs, and experimenting with luxury couture.”

If you want to follow the designer on her journey, make sure to follow her on Instagram, and to keep up with Nine Live’s new drops, click here.


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