Essential Cookware for A Beginner Chef

The busier our days become, as we juggle work, family, travel, the less time we have to spend preparing home-cooked meals – many of us catching meals while out and about. And it’s fine on a busy day, but nothing beats a bit of soul food, cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients. But not all of us are culinary wizards, so if you’re a bit of a novice and somewhat unfamiliar with the kitchen then here are some basic cookware essentials for preparing simple everyday dishes.

1. The wok

Great for a quick stir fry, a wok is a great cooking tool for preparing light, fresh meals in no time at all. Go light on the oil, flavour with some spice, meat or veggie base – put in whatever mix you’re feeling, give it a flash fry and you’re ready in no time.

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2. The saucepan

Basically your go-to for the basics, such as boiling rice, vegetables, preparing soups and sauces – many of the simple things that create the base for your meal; so a saucepan is a good start for your cookware collection and definitely an essential for the kitchen.

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3. The blender

As a novice, you may want to go for a Nutri-bullet, which is great for smoothies and soups, even pastes (though you may want to have one for the savoury and one for the sweet stuff), you just add in the mix, blend it all together and voila!

4. The oven dish

For the prepare and leave method of cooking, this is a nice weekend option, when you have a bit more time on your hands, and you can let the flavours stew, the food roast, and come back to it a little later. Perfect for throwing simple things together like roasted vegetables, pasta bakes and stews.

the modern east - food - essential cookware

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5. The skillet

Great for grilling, the skillet is the perfect pan, which works on the stove top or in the oven, it holds heat well and distributes it evenly for that lovely even finish. Grill vegetables, chicken, steak, halloumi – whatever you’re in the mood for really!

6. The BBQ

The ultimate cooking method, the barbecue is not only a delicious way to cook food, giving it that oh-so-tasty smoky finish, it’s also a social way to prepare food – particularly if you’ve got a nice patch of outdoor space and a good spell of weather. If in doubt, just throw it on the BBQ!

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