Homemade Qamar al-Din

Qamar al-Din is an apricot juice that is typically consumed during Ramadan. When it comes to Ramadan drinks, there are the usual suspects: Ayran, Tamerind, Hibiscus, Jallab and of course Qamar-al-Din. It is consumed during Ramadan because it gives off nutrients and a good source of energy that makes everything okay after a long day of fast. And dare I say, it is the one thing that can never be missed during the Iftar table in my house!

Legend (and Wikipedia) has it that this drink is an apricot leather that originated in Syria, specifically from the area of Ghouta. I take that back. Not the Syria part but the apricot leather. In fact, to call it apricot leather is extremely reductive. It may look like apricot leather but it’s definitely more intense and concentrated. The sheets are made by mixing olive oil with the apricot puree. They are then folded and covered with yellow plastic sheets (a packaging norm, it seems, that all companies agreed on).

To turn that into a cold drink, you:

Tear out a piece and cut it into smaller pieces

Soak it for 3-4 hours in hot water then blend it. (If you want it thick, don’t add too much water!)

Many people like to add toppings such as orange blossom, or pine nuts or coconut, but honestly, I prefer an unadulterated version where you can actually taste the apricot.

If you do add toppings (or without any), make sure that you blend it and then place it tin the freezer before being served!

Photo Credits // tasteatlas

Another thing you can do is to turn that juice into pudding.

To do that you can:

Heat it and gradually stir in corn flour that’s dissolved in water.

As with any pudding, make sure you continuously stir to avoid lumps.

When it’s thick, place it in the fridge for a couple of hours – and just like that, the perfect pudding/ Ramadan dessert!

Although Ramadan is coming to an end, this drink can be consumed at any time! It’s especially to the ones that love Apricots, as well as to the ones that love to drink healthy beverages, as this drink has many benefits; it is believed to be especially fortifying as well as a good source of energy, electrolytes, and hydration to the body.


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