3 Unique Crystals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Crystals are one of the world’s most ancient forms of healing, they were used as medicine to heal the ill. Crystals are also used to bring good energy and remove all the negative energy from one’s life through the art of meditation and spiritual healing. Some crystals when obtained need to be handled in a specific way, like running them through clear water to cleanse them, putting them out during a full moon to recharge the energy of the crystal, and paring different crystals to have a stronger healing effect. Here are some amazing and unique crystals that you probably never heard of.      


This crystals known as the black obsidian has no boundaries or limits, and as a result of that, it works in an extremely fast motion which great powers.  This crystal is known for being the protection stone! Removing and shielding from all kinds of negative energy that might come your way. It is also a great stone for absorbing all the stress you might have. Some people might think this stone is too powerful and might feel overwhelmed by its presents and will choose a different stone for protection, however, it is extremely helpful for therapist and consolers as it doesn’t just heal you from your problems it finds the source and the root of the problem itself.

Psychologically speaking, Obsidians help you find your true self, it brings you face to face with yourself and makes you confront it. The stone can also be used to dissolve any emotional blockage and old dramas, promoting strength and compassion.

~~Placement Position: Place it wherever you see fit~~


The emotional balancer! This stone is well known for being a stone of emotions it nurtures love and encourages empathy. This stone stimulates, clears, and activates your heart chakra. Rhodonite heals all emotional pain, scars, and shocks, giving you supportive emotional energy to get you through the tough time. It removes all emotional scars and drama from your past and helps you move forward to forget all the emotional baggage you were so heavily carrying.

This stone is helpful for forgiveness and helps solve any long-term abuse and pain. It can also be used to help with feelings of abandonment and betrayal. Most importantly, this stone promotes unselfish self-love and helps you find inner peace with loving yourself.

Rhodonite is a useful stone for turning a blind eye to insults and it recognizes self-destructive behavior and keeps you calm during a dangerous or upsetting situation.

~~Placement Position: Place over the heart for emotional wounds and on the skin for external wounds~~


Like its name, Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser and powerful healer. In accent times people used to use this stone mainly for any kind f bleeding wounds. It is said that the bloodstone crystals have many mystical and magical powers. One of its well-known powers is to banish evil spirits, remove negative energy, and help direct spiritual energies to where they need to go. Another magical power this stone was said to have it the ability to control the weather, it was said that this stone has the power to turn the sun red and bring lightning and thunder. Other kinds of powers this crystal has are the ability to intensify intuition and creativity. This stone keeps you grounded and protected, it keeps out undesirable influences.

Psychologically, bloodstones promote courage and teach you how to avoid dangerous and upsetting situations. Mentally, bloodstones calm your mind, help you in decision making, and eliminates confusion.

Emotionally, this stone reduces irritability, aggravation, and impatience. It also brings spirituality into your everyday life. A cool fact to know about this stone is that in India where crystal healing is extremely common, it is believed that bloodstones are used as an aphrodisiac.

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