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We, at The Modern East, love introducing small businesses to you all. Not only are small businesses operated by the neighbors within your society, but supporting local businesses is good for the environment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies! For today’s small business feature, we have none other than TikTok-inspired business Albumz AE founded and run by Emirati student, Athba Faisal AlHammadi. From aesthetic Spotify plaques to tote bags, you just can’t find in-store. Read all about the small business and how it came about right here now!

How it all Came About

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The brand initially started as an aesthetic decor business but later on branched out to tackle fashion trends for teenagers and young adults looking to hop on the latest fads inspired by online culture. “The inspiration behind this business was TikTok,” Athba tells us, “Trends emerge left and right, and we saw it as an opportunity to start a business and provide the latest products.”

If we have one thing to thank lockdown for, it is the creativity that manifested itself within our society. From individuals finding their passions through hobbies to others exuding their energy into full-fledged businesses, we can confidently say that positivity came through in that aspect. “During quarantine, my former partner Dana Khalid Almazrouei and I, came up with the main idea for this business after coming across a photo of a Spotify plaque and falling in love with it,” Athba tells us, “After researching different manufacturing companies and hopping on a Zoom call, we realized that starting this business was not so far-fetched.” Within a week, the girls had an Instagram account set up with photos ready to take orders from their following of teens and young adults invested in contributing to trends and purchasing sentimental gifts for their loved ones.

Best Selling Items

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After coming across the Spotify plaques on apps like Pinterest, TikTok, and more, the girls wanted to recreate the product and provide it to people here in the UAE. “As soon as we came out with the album covers, we instantly started receiving orders because of how many people loved the idea!” Athba says.

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Realizing that the album covers wouldn’t stay a trend forever, Athba, venturing off on her own, decided to branch out into the world of fashion – starting with tote bags! “I wanted to add my own twist to them instead of making them basic,” she says.

To customize, view more products, and place an order, you can follow them on Instagram now and send them a DM!

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