Most Pampered Celebrity Pets

While many celebrities have been accused of loving themselves a little too much, there is one thing that they might love even more: their pets! These furry good boys and gals have it made in the shade. When fame means money is no object, there is no shortage of pampering and spoiling going on when it comes to these furry companions. Check out some of these pampered celebrity pets that are probably living better than many of us are.

Choupette: Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat

Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director behind the high-end fashion powerhouse that is Chanel. With a name that is synonymous with luxury, is it any wonder that Lagerfeld’s cat lives a life of absolute splendor? For starters, Choupette has two personal maids. Yup, two. They are in charge of making sure Choupette is living her absolute best life, getting played with, groomed, fed, and making sure she has plenty of attention. But, Choupette also makes that cash in her own right. After appearing as a “model” in two different Chanel campaigns, this fabulous feline earned a reported 3 million Euros.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Norman And Bambi: Kylie Jenner’s Italian Greyhounds

Kylie Jenner has a lot of pets, but it’s Norman and Bambi that appear the most often on Jenner’s show and social media outlets. When you’re a billionaire, you can certainly afford to keep your furry friends in the lap of luxury. Jenner is of the mind that pets aren’t just companions, but full on family members. She has even gone so far as to build her pampered pooches their very own home on her property. The house features heating and air conditioning to ensure their optimal comfort.

Photo Credit: Instagram

JJ: Maria Carey’s Jack Russel

Mariah Carey is as diva as they come. The singer loves Jack Russell dogs and actually has a few of them, but it’s JJ in-particular that is perhaps one of the most spoiled celebrity pets out there. JJ is regularly treated to food straight from Michelin Star rated restaurants. JJ and Carey’s other pups also enjoy regular trips to only the highest end luxury doggy day spas. Carey’s pups always fly first class as well. But perhaps the icing on the cake, is the luxury vacation to Europe she sent her pooches on. The trip itself was said to cost around AED 92k, and an additional AED 643k for the private jet they took to get there.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The Royal Corgis: Queen Elizabeth II

Even among pampered celebrity pets, it’s hard to compete with the pets of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth has been well known for her love of corgis and dorgis (corgi/dachshund mix), an affinity she had since her childhood. She even bred her own doggos. Sadly, the Queen would lose her last corgi Willow in 2018. She does still have one dorgi, Candy. Over the years, the Queen was famous for spoiling her beloved furry friends. They had their very own room in the palace and each slept in their own wicker basket. Their beds had the sheets changed nightly. When it came to dining, the pups had their own chef who would change the menu daily for them. On evenings when the Queen’s schedule allowed it, she would even come poor gravy over the pupper’s food before they ate. Talk about royal treatment.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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