Gen Z Slang you HAVE to know

With a year like 2020, we can think of a few words that most of us were probably internally (and externally) screaming a lot. Most of them consist of four letters. While some of the words which saw the most use last year across social media are pandemic related, we’re not going to include those here. Instead, we’re going to focus on popular slang words, because let’s face it, they’re more fun and a lot less depressing. When it comes to slang, times rapidly change. One day you’re slinging around “deets” like nobody’s business, and then suddenly it’s dropped from the social lexicon. So, check out this list of the most popular words of the 2020’s and see how many you’re still using.


You gotta feel bad for the ladies out there who are actually named Karen. In 2020, calling someone a Karen was not a compliment. Basically the name “Karen” became a blanket term for anyone who was acting entitled, uppity, complains over nothing, or acts condescending. We basically gave an actual name to the “let me talk to your manager” types. In 2020, there were a lot of Karens, causing it to be one of the most popular words of the year.


We all know a few people who are definitely “extra”. This one is more than one of the most popular words of last year, it’s an entire state of being.

Cap/No Cap

These slang words got a fair amount of use this year. They also left many an non gen-Z’er initially scratching their head as to what they actually met. Cap? Like for your head? Cap? Like Captain America? Captain Hook? Cap? Did you lose the top to your water bottle and we need to look for it? Nope, “cap” in slang means to lie. So, “no cap” means to tell the truth.


Once upon a time, this word mostly refereed to a TV or streaming show that wouldn’t be renewed for another season. Or to notify someone an event that was scheduled would no longer be taking place. In 2020, “cancel” saw a lot of use referring to literally anybody and anything. A celebrity might be canceled for saying something stupid. A company might be canceled for treating workers poorly. Too bad we couldn’t cancel 2020.

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