Saturn Returned: All You Need to Know

If you are between your late twenties and early thirties and have ever experienced life-altering change or any kind of stress or any sort of conflict and chaos, you might have had your Saturn Return and didn’t even realize it. You might be wondering what the Saturn return is and it is an important planetary event that marks the intense period of change. This change usually transitions us out of childhood into adulthood teaching us maturity, wisdom, and open-mindedness.

But, what is a Saturn Return according to astrology? The planet Saturn takes exactly 29.5 years to fully orbit around the sun. Meaning, the phase Saturn returns refers to Saturn returning to the exact position of which you were born in. People might experience this immense change between the ages of 27 and 33 — and these changes are big ones! It might be a big break-up, a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a new career path, a big move from country to country or even a big discovery. With all that said, the change comes with learning how to live your life with this newfound change of maturity.

Saturn, The Greatest Teacher Planet:

Saturn is the planet of tough love and hard work. This planet represents responsibility, maturity, hard work, patience, discipline, and boundaries and during the return of Saturn, all these aspects will be challenged and tested. During the start of your twenties when Saturn starts to return to its exact positions you should start to expect some tough lessons that will prepare you for the major life change that you will face.

How do you know you have had your Saturn Return?

Usually, people approaching the age of 30 might start to experience the climax of their Saturn return. If you would like to calculate and find out the exact date of your Saturn return you can contact your local astronomer or check your birth chart. You can find your birth chart online and there you can find out what your Saturn sign is. Then, use a Saturn return calculator to know the exact date or an approximation.

With the return and the constant move of Saturn and all other planets, you will experience more than one Saturn return! The phenomenon is estimated to happen every 30 years, so you might have your first one during your late 20s, your second one during your late 50s, which some people might refer to as their “mid-life crisis,” and a third one possibility during your late 80s each one guiding us onto the next stage of our lives.

What to expect when experiencing the Saturn return:

The first thing you should expect when Saturn returns is a full-blown crisis. Now do not be alarmed! After all, ups and downs are inevitable in life so it’s better to be prepared than to worry. The normal reaction to any sort of crisis is always panic, feelings of stress, and being overwhelmed but with the Saturn return you learn to start to handle their movements with maturity and face these life challenges with open arms. If you are living life the way you feel is not suitable to you, for example, staying in a job that you don’t really love or a toxic relationship that you just cannot seem to leave, the Saturn return tells you to take that scary leap of faith and work hard for the life you really crave and the person you really want to be.

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