8 Adorable Celebrity Babies

Before you say anything, yes, all babies are adorable. However, when it comes to celebrity babies, we get a special and intensive glimpse into their lives, in essence watching them grow up. It’s normal for proud parents to show off their beautiful babies, but with celebrities, all of this is taken to the next level when they show off the little munchkins to their millions of followers. Here are some of the most adorable celebrity babies around.


Kim Kardashian

There’s no doubt that Kim and Kanye make some beautiful babies. All three of their offspring have cheeks for days and could just be eaten right up.

North West

No one can forget when North was born and the whole world went “Really, you’re calling her North??”. That seems like a different time now, we can’t deny that the name has definitely grown on us. While it’s true that North is no longer a baby now, she is growing up to be a gorgeous girl.

Saint West

Kim and Kanye’s second eldest, Saint, kind of looks exactly like Kanye, but only much cuter! The little man is always so swagged out, wearing the most adorable little outfits ever. Just look at that little beanie.

Chicago West

The littlest of the bunch, Chicago, is surely going to be a little princess when she grows up. It’s hard to imagine than Kim and Kanye ever say no to their youngest and to be fair, we kind of understand why. How can you say no to those eyes?!


DJ Khaled


No one doesn’t know little Asahd. Khaled’s boy even has his own Instagram page racking up almost 2 million followers. Not only, but he also has his own JordanxAsahd collection! We have no doubt that he will grow up to be a star.


Beyonce and Jay Z


You can’t talk about celebrity babies without mentioning Blue Ivy Carter. While it’s true that when she was young Beyoncé tried to keep her baby out of the spotlight as much as possible, we are starting to see more and more of Blue and we’re loving it! The little one is always seen rocking her natural curls and can be spotted in some adorable pictures on mama’s Instagram.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott


Unlike most of the other things she does in her life, Kylie was very private about her pregnancy with Stormi. Some were initially worried that Ms Jenner was too young for the responsibility of a baby but in all truth, she seems like a very sweet and caring mama. Plus, all the pictures of her and Stormi are just the cutest!


Khloe Kardashian


After a long wait for motherhood, Khloe was graced by beautiful baby girl True, and we are sure she was worth the wait! The little munchkin is absolutely adorable and has cheeks for days. True also gets dressed up in the cutest little outfits by mama Khloe, featuring flower headbands and all.


Eva Longoria


If you’re anything like us, you might not have heard much about Eva Longoria since Desperate Housewives. Well the actress/activist is now mama to a beautiful baby boy named Santiago. He can be seen all over her Instagram account in the most adorable little clothes. Yes, there’s just something innately adorable about tiny baby clothes.


Hillary Duff


Known to most of us as Lizzie McGuire, can you even believe that Hilary Duff could already be a mom!? The star welcomed her little baby girl Banks just at the end of last year and we already can’t get enough of this tiny human. Look at this adorable little yellow headwrap!



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