Dinner & A Movie: The Breakfast Club

Oh, the 80’s. It was kinda the decade where teen movies really came into their own. When it comes to teen movies, it’s hard to beat the enduring impact of The Breakfast Club. It pretty much defined the genre going forward. All the elements are there, after all. Teen angst, trying to fit in, coming of age, etc. Even with it’s relatively advanced age, this movie still feels incredibly relevant. Anyone who has experienced high school can identify with at least parts of the film. So, for dinner and a movie night, let’s dig into The Breakfast Club, and some delicious on-theme eats.

The Movie

We probably don’t really have to give you a synapses here, but just in case. A bunch of teens, who are seemingly from much different worlds, and who enjoy different degrees of popularity, share some time together in detention. Detention forces these people, who likely wouldn’t normally talk much to each other otherwise, to engage. Commonality is found, revelations made, secrets divulged, and friendships are formed. But, do these new bonds stay once detention is over? That’s for you to decide.

Movie Fun Facts

There Were Supposed To Be Sequels

The Breakfast Club wasn’t supposed to be a one-and-done film. In fact, it was meant to be an entire franchise. The idea was that a new movie would come out around every ten years or so. The movies would check in on where all the kids would be today. There were hints that all the members of “The Breakfast Club” would actually reunite at least once every decade and catch up. However, it’s thought this didn’t happen because of director John Hughes’ rather volatile relationship with actor Judd Nelson who played Bender.

The Confession Scene Wasn’t Scripted

You know the scene where all the kids are sitting together in the library, bearing their souls? Well, that group heart-to-heart was totally unscripted. Hughes told the actors to ad-lib the scene and their individual reasons for being in detention. At the end of filming, Hughes even gave each of them a piece of the library’s banister.

When Inspiration Strikes

John Hughes actually wrote the screenplay for the movie in just two days. Before the movie was filmed, the cast practiced it as if it were a play. Afterwords, Hughes was approached to actually write the script like a play, so school students could perform it.

The Food

Even though the movie is called “The Breakfast Club”, nobody in the film actually eats any breakfast foods. With that in mind, we’ve drawn our menu inspiration from things the actors do actually eat in the film.

For Starters: Chips And Dip Platter

Alright, so it might not be high-brow, but is anyone ever actually upset about being offered chips. Plus, they’re kind of one of the ultimate teenager fuel foods. Now, you could certainly go the route of just throwing out a couple of bags and letting your dinner and a movie guests go at it. Or, you can check out this inspired idea for a chips and dip platter from Simply Delicious Food. It includes recipes for a creamy avocado dip, salsa, a Mexican street corn dip, a sour cream chive dip, and a spicy garlic dip. Umm, yum?!


Photo Credits // simplydeliciousfood

The Main Course: Spicy Shrimp Sushi Stacks

So, everyone else in The Breakfast Club is pulling out their packed lunches of assorted sandwiches, fruit, soda, and other typical school lunch foods. And then there’s Claire. Claire pulls out a box of sushi. Natch. The girl clearly knows how to live. So, for your dinner, why not make these tasty and easy to make spicy shrimp sushi stacks? No rolling or sushi mats required to pull off these babies. If you don’t feel like making these on your own, you could always get your favorite sushi take away. But, these stacks are seriously super good and well worth a try. Check out Closet Cooking for the how to.

Photo Credits // closetclosing

Dessert: Andrew’s Giant Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

It would stand to reason that the jock brought the biggest lunch of all the club members. Three sandwiches, some sides, and an entire bag of chocolate chip cookies?! All that exercise requires a lot of fuel, amiright? Anyway, if you want to try the very best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever make at home, you’ve got to try these. Yes, Pinch of Yum has the best recipe for utterly delicious, soft, fool-proof chocolate chip cookies. This is my go-to recipe every time I make chocolate chips. There’s a lot of helpful hints within the recipe as well, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to reach cookie making legend status.

Photo Credits // pinchofyum


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