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If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’d know that our girl boss of the month is none other than Emiliya Ninova – AKA Foxxy! Foxxy is a 31-year-old, Dubai-based, Bulgarian influencer and founder of Keto by Foxy, The Keto Fix, The Meal plans, and Co-Founder of Beit el Keto. On top of that, she is an MUA too – and, not to mention, one of the kindest souls! Sounds like the definition of a girl boss, right? For today’s feature, we interviewed Foxxy about her Keto brand and how it all came about. If you’re a Keto junkie or just want to learn a little more about Keto, and specifically Foxxy’s brand – keep reading!

What is Keto?

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Keto (ketosis) is a metabolic state your body goes into, once the consumption of carbohydrates is decreased to a maximum of 20-30 grams per/day. When in ketosis your body turns literally into a fat-burning machine, as it starts burning fat (ketones) for energy instead of glucose (carbohydrates). Ketones are proven to be fueling the brain up to 75% better than glucose since you start experiencing benefits in all kinds.

How Keto by Foxxy Came About

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Foxxy’s interest in starting up her own Keto brand sparked three years ago when her husband and herself began what few people know now as the “Keto Diet”. “We found such a huge gap and lack of products that are suitable for a keto lifestyle, which “forced” me to start preparing food on my own,” she tells us, “Since I’ve had the biggest sweet tooth I started experimenting with keto baking and with time developed amazingly delicious own recipes, which I shared on my social media platforms.”

Day by day, People started noticing them and Foxxy started receiving so many inquiries if she could prepare desserts for them, since the lack of any keto-friendly desserts in UAE at that time. “It all started as a favor to fellow keto-ers,” she says. “I simply could not say no, as I knew very well how hard it is being on keto and getting a sweet craving and grew into the brand that we all know today, with certified HACCP kitchen in the heart of Dubai and multiple satellite branches across,” she says. You definitely need to check it out!

Keto by Foxxy Today

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Both Foxxy and her husband began their keto journey with low expectations and hope for progress but experienced a personal awakening once they started experiencing the Keto diet’s huge noticeable healthy benefits! Not only did they realize that they were losing weight steadily, but they also noticed an improvement in our general health, skin, metabolism, and more! “That’s the moment whether you want it or not, you fall in love with it, and it turns into your lifestyle choice,” Foxxy says.

Foxxy took this as a mission to help others on their keto journey to make it both easy and more enjoyable and has clearly succeeded at doing so! “I always say that Keto by Foxxy is a labor of love,” she tells us, “We listen to every single feedback and constantly work on improving or adding new things that have been requested. We simply care about each and every supporter/friend/customer of the brand, which I believe is one of the most important things, as well as Keto by Foxxy, was never intended to be a business. It all happened super organic without even a single push from our side, and this is what it makes it so special.”

Why Choose Keto by Foxxy?

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Keto by Foxxy is the only brand that develops its own recipes with many hours of work for all of their concepts, including their revolutionary recipe for keto bread, which was the first of its kind in the Middle east! Not to mention, getting it delivered is super easy. “As I mentioned our brand is a really “personal” space,” Foxxy says, “We care, we listen, we work constantly to bring everything that would be helpful to anyone who is struggling with their battle (be it weight loss or health conditions). The reason why I started “Keto by Foxxy” was the people asking me to bake for them, but later on, The Keto fix was also a product of our customer’s request, as well as The Meal Plans and our newest concept “Beit el Keto”.

Keto by Foxxy fills all the gaps in the current market, so nobody ever has to feel as they are on a diet! With this done, anybody can enjoy a brownie, a burger, a pizza or a sambuusa, without the guilt and with all the benefits!

Accolades and Moving Forward

Credits: Instagram (@ketobyfoxxy)

Keto by Foxxy is named the UAE’s Number 1 Keto Brand by thousands of customers and receive constant positive feedback. The brand has also been shown so much support by numerous public figures in the UAE, who swear by their products.! “This is the biggest achievement anyone can ask for,” Foxxy says.

Moving forward, Foxxy hopes to continue to progress and always stay consistent with their high quality of the products and services, and even hope to expand outside of the UAE. “There are so many people texting us from all over the world and we want to help all of them,” Foxxy tells us, “The first step of expanding on different geographical areas might be just around the corner… so stay tuned!”

Getting the Keto by Foxxy meal plan and individual items is Super easy! It is now available on all home delivery platforms including Deliveroo, Talabat, Careem, NowNow, Bread on us, and Chatfood for delivery across Dubai and now in Abu Dhabi tand on their official website for delivery across the UAE!

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