An Artist a Day: Aysha Bader

Throughout the next month, we have decided to focus on a variety of artists within our local community, in the Middle East, as well as internationally. We, at The Modern East, believe that art comes in many forms and is the ultimate way to self-expression. From music to paintings and drawings, and to illustrations, photography, and beyond, we are excited to showcase the talent we are surrounded by and hope you all enjoy and appreciate it too!

Aysha Bader

The first artist in our series is 13-year-old Aysha Bader, a Palestinian artist based in Dubai, UAE. Aysha started her art journey at the age of 9 years old, back in 2016, and has come a long way since.

At only 11 years old, Aysha started her Instagram page (@art4_aysha) and posts her work on a weekly basis.

From being noticed by other artists in the Instagram art community over the years to her art tutorials going viral on TikTok (art4aysha), with her most viewed video at almost 110K views, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

“Colorful Daze”

Here Aysha showcases a different style of a portrait painting by using a mix of cool-toned shades of acrylic paint to convey the emotion behind the painting. These colors are also blended in to create the finalized image.


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For this depiction of candy, Aysha has used colored pencils of different shades to blend and a white pen to bring out that realistic shimmer. It almost looks edible!

“One-Lined Lady”

As you can probably assume from the title of this piece, Aysha has used the “one-line” technique for this piece – meaning, she has drawn the entire sketch without lifting her brush! Add in a little acrylic paint for color, and voila!


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