A Brand to Watch: The Cairene Timekeepers

Here’s something you didn’t know was missing from your life – a watch that uses Arabic numerals! If you’re anything like me, this realization has likely just blown your mind. Watches have been redesigned countless times over the years, from shape to strap to bedazzlement and everything in between. But somehow the numbers weren’t considered one of those changeable elements. Lucky for us, watch brand Beik+Moll thought of it. 

Straight out of Egypt, Beik + Moll was created by entrepreneurs Karim El Beik and Khalid Moll with the promise of a watch that is 100% Egyptian. They locally source their materials, and wish to create a product that is representative of the local culture. Considering that some of the earliest time-telling objects in history originated from Ancient Egypt, we’re just so excited that these self-dubbed Cairene Timekeepers are reclaiming this part of their heritage. 

The watches are available in all sorts of strap designs and lucky for us we don’t have to choose just one, because every watch comes with 2 different straps – one leather and the other stainless steel! Additionally, they make each design in a HIM and HER version, making this the ideal gift if you want to match with your significant other, with your best friend, or even to get for your parents as an anniversary gift! (look at us helping you get the ‘model child’ award of the year) 

We love that this is a brand with a strong mantra of helping local producers and industries in Egypt, while creating a super original product that just isn’t widely available on the market. Here’s to hoping this is a new start for watch designs all over the Middle East! It would be great to see more brands go the extra mile to innovate and make uniquely Middle Eastern or Arabic products.

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