#WELOVE // La Come Di

A product of Dubai, La Come Di is a home grown streetwear brand for men and woman. La Come Di literally translates to “the like of..” and what follows can be interpreted. La Come Di can also be read as “Comedy”, with a La in front of it.  Pronounced “la komi dee”, the multifaceted name is inspired from a song of by -the great- Italian singer Paolo Conte, of the same name.

Having this playing in the background while I write this article, I start to understand a bit more about the playfulness behind brand. “We liked how it sounds like “comedy” in English, with a pretentious ‘La’ in front of it. That attitude carries itself through and represents the youth’s versatility of style and character,” explains Elisa. Coworkers turned business partners, Elisa and Feras met while working at a global advertising agency here in Dubai. Elisa Arienti, originally Italian, studied Art Direction in Italy and Palestinian Feras Sobh, has a degree in Visual Communications – a match made in heaven for any creative collaboration to start brewing.

Last February, they both abandoned their full-time jobs in advertising to develop La Come Di, and after working for over a year to create their label, the brand launched with not one, but three SS 2017 collections.

Their latest collection, “404 human not found” plays on our digital age, in an era of tech and cyber space, the collection features “error” & “404” symbols, while also playing on words such as ONLINE/OFFLINE, ADDICTED and INFINE SCROLL.

The collection also has an element of Japanese streetwear while still staying true to the brand DNA, featuring bright pops of color and Arabic calligraphy.

Support your local talent – and buy locally born brands – check out La Come Di @lacomedi and www.lacomedi.com.


Omaya Michelle

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