Shoe Trends of Summer 2020

It’s a new season and time to, once again, keep up with some new trends in the fashion industry – shoes! Whether you’re sandals, flats, or sneaker wearer, there are always new trends to keep up with, and with the coming of Summer 2020 this your chance. Keep reading to find out more about all of the new styles, patterns, and trends that are in this summer and get to shoe shopping now!


Yes, these Scandinavian-like shoes are totally in this summer and we are loving it! This wooden-soled style with cute buckles and cutout effects are absolutely adorable. From higher chunkier heels to lower, sturdier ones and neutral tones on the straps, we can’t wait to see all the fabulous summer looks paired with gorgeous floral prints this summer.

Quilted patterns 

Whether you’re a flats or heels type of gal, this pattern is totally in – check it out! The texture and soft leather on these bad boys are to die for and we absolutely just can’t get enough of them. From pumps to stilettos, and if you want to go for a more casual look, even flats, we definitely suggest checking out this patter in a bold or warm tone this summer.

Chain Embellishments

Chunky chains and accessories are definitely a summer jewelry trend but what if they’re attached to your shoe? This new trend is so chic we just can’t wait to try it! Imagine buying a cute pair of strappy heels with an adorable built-in anklet – you won’t even need to accessorize. You can find these adorable chain embellishments on flats, heels, and more. Get your summer shoe trend on!

Toe Straps

Toe straps are back, and we couldn’t be happier! We love this little added detail on our favorite pair of sandals. Lock that big toe down, strap your shoes on getting to going on that serene stroll on the beach that you’ve been waiting all year long for. These will look so cute when snapping that Instagram shot with your toes in the sand and the shells among your feet.

High Tops 

For all you Chuck Taylor lovers – yes, high tops are back! Elevated high-top sneakers are so in this time of year. For those of you who would rather rock a sneaker than a sandal, it’s your time to shine. Stop by your favorite shoe store and grab yourself a pair of high tops for your 2020 summer style now.



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