Fashionable and weird face masks

A lot of us though masks were just going to come and go. When brands launched their own versions of face covers or random people were coming up with mask concepts all around the world, I have to say I was sceptical. How ethical is it for a fashion brand to profit from a global pandemic? At the same time, we have to admit, these surgical blue masks could use a twist. Creative people all around the globe have expressed their visions on masks. Regardless of their real intentions behind them, some really are worth taking a look at. Whether or not they are worth paying for, that’s a different story and entirely up to you.


1. Fashion brands masks

Adidas is absolutely killing it with their face covers. They sold out very quickly in store and online. Anywhere you go in Dubai, you will see them. Amongst other big brands, the most noticeable masks include Lacoste, Off-White or Burberry.


2. Technical masks

Some companies were actually already working on masks well before the pandemic started. It is the case of Xiaomi for instance. They started their AirPop masks back in 2018. Everything about these masks is designed with tech in mind. They come equipped with a valve to ensure the best breathability and even integrate a smart sensor linked to an app to tell you about your breathing environment.

3. The weirdest masks

Some people really took this new everyday life accessory to some strange length. Masks on which you can print your own photo for a pre-pandemic look. Masks with animal faces. Finally, masks that carry a message for anybody looking at you. Even more unusual? How about LED message masks?



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