World’s Strangest Museums

Many of us have visited a few museums in our lifetime. You know art museums, natural history museums, and museums dedicated to the history of a local region. But, there is a whole world out there dedicated to showcasing some pretty oddball stuff. Take a look at this list of some of the world’s strangest museums and see if there’s any you would visit.

The Museum Of Broken Relationships: Croatia

Most of us have experienced heart-break in our lifetime and we all cope with a break-up in different ways. But, when two Croatian artists ended their relationship, they decided to start a museum about it. The idea started as a joke, but soon went from a few items to thousands. Donations began to pile in as people let go of items from their own past relationships as a cathartic experience. The donated items are usually accompanied with a note explaining what the significance of the items is. Objects on display range from a wedding dress to small keepsakes, and even an ax someone used to chop apart the furniture of their cheating ex.

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The Museum Of Bad Art: USA

For those of us not blessed with any discernible artistic talent, we’ve likely created a thing or two that belongs here. The museum was launched in 1993 after starting off as a private collection of, well, bad art collected from thrift shops, dumpsters, and curbs. It started off in a private basement and has since moved to another basement of an old movie theater. People are encouraged to donate their own personal works of bad art, though it has to be genuinely bad with the original intent of it turning out well. Currently the museum holds some 700 pieces of horrible artwork. Due to renovations, the museum is currently closed. But, you can do a virtual tour online. You can “visit” here, which you need to do because it is probably the best thing you’ll do all day today.

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Museum Of Bread Culture: Germany

Look, this may be one of the world’s strangest museums, but why do we feel like it’s also kinda necessary? Bread is life! Viva la carbs! This museum hosts over 18,000 exhibits showcasing just about everything imaginable that’s bread-related. There’s bread making tools, there’s art made out of bread, there’s thousands of books in the library dedicated to bread. Given that the food stuff has been a staple of our diet for over 6,000 years, on some level, we get it. Sadly though, there is no actual edible bread here, so make lunch plans elsewhere.

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The Dog Collar Museum: England

Our last entry on our list of the world’s strangest museums goes to this interesting find. This museum houses over 130 unique items, some dating back as far as the 15th century. These doggie collars also have a pretty swanky home, as the museum is found inside of Leeds Castle in Kent. Items on display range from the pragmatic (old collars with spikes to protect hunting dogs’ throats form bears) to the ornate (gilt collars from the Baroque period).

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