Cities You Have To See At Night

Some cities just seem to really come alive after the sun goes down. If you stop and think of cities that are more gorgeous in the evening hours, you might think of Dubai, New York City, or Paris. But where else in the world do cities that gleam by day, also positively sparkle at night? If you’re planning a trip to any of these places, make sure you get plenty of sleep so you can stay out well into the night.  Here’s our list of cities you absolutely have to see after the sun goes down.

Venice, Italy

Don’t get it twisted, with its scenic canals and gorgeous architecture, Venice is plenty lovely at any time of day. But at night, when the soft glow of lights and streetlamps hit the canals, it is a true thing of beauty. The more subdued, quiet atmosphere lends a feeling of enchantment, whereas other cities seem more frenzied at night. While we wouldn’t pass up a gondola ride at any hour, pencil ours in at sunset.

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Tokyo, Japan

Yes, this one is pretty obvious. Tokyo is world-famous for its neon lights and nights that are buzzing with energy. It’s one of those cities that never quite seems to go to sleep. In fact, many restaurants in Tokyo’s Shibuya district are open 24 hours, as well as shops and cafes. For night life, check out the Shinjuku district, where you can literally dance the night away. Many people agree that as busy as Tokyo is during the day, it’s nothing compared to at night.

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London, England

If you’ve never seen Big Ben illuminated at night, have you even really been to London? London is one of those cities that just oozes charm. Old and new somehow manage to perfectly meld together, to create a city that is somehow dignified. There’s something sorta magical and old-timey feeling about seeing the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Parliament all lit up against an inky black sky.

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Las Vegas, USA

If you ever decide to try your luck in “fabulous Las Vegas”, the difference in appearance of the city between night and day is truly staggering. Sure, things are still pretty impressive under the bright lights of the oppressive desert mid-day sun. But, during the day, you can also see some of the “cracks”. The run-down parts of Vegas become more glaring. But at night, boy does it transform. It’s definitely one of those cities that is better experienced at night. Once those lights come on, it’s a totally different world.

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