HAK THE LABLE Launches Wahiba Collection

The majestic Wahiba Sands of Oman with its ocean of endless dunes inspired HAK The Label’s latest collection, titled Wahiba. Running south from the Eastern Hajars to the Arabian Sea, the Omani desert is known for its amber-colored sands and variation of animal and plant life while being home to bedouin tribes. The Wahiba Collection is out now and we’re here to tell you all about it!


Launched in 2018 by Hakima Al Said, ‘HAK THE LABEL’ beautifully fuses cultural symbolism with contemporary design. Finding inspiration from her international upbringing, in all of the many countries she has called home; Asia, the Middle East, South Africa and Europe, her work refines cultural symbolism, from the varied environments, into a singular aesthetic. Hakima creates truly unique pieces that are bold yet minimal, balanced with feminine and delicate details. A modern aesthetic informed by the ancient, honoring both beauty and heritage. From many points of reference and with inexhaustible passion and attention to detail, HAK THE LABEL offers original and essential adornments of impeccable style and substance for the discerning woman.

The Wahiba Collection

The hues of the sun on the golden sand is portrayed through an array of gold rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. The collection symbolically references the desert moon and a green date oasis through moonstone and green Swarovski crystals providing minimal embellishment to polished styles.

Staying true to HAK The Label’s signature style of geometric patterns, the Wahiba collection fuses heritage with modernity. Emanating an antique Omani Bedouin design, Al Shadad rings feature a circle surmounted by a lozenge shape. While, geometric patterns are illustrated through ear cuffs and pendants taking abstract forms.

Described as heaven, Hakima Al Said portrays the beauty of the Wahiba Sands through a collection that honors heritage while evoking modern femininity.


Omaya Michelle

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