Jewelry To Lust Over

It’s the season of sparkle and shine and what better way to get in theme than to discover the latest creations that sparkle and shine that we all lust over for!

The holidays season is the right excuse to pamper yourself to that bracelet you have been eyeing or to that pendant you have been trying on repeatedly.

L’atelier Nawbar

Let’s start regional with L’atelier Nawbar, a Lebanese jewelry brand. Tucked away in the charming cobble stoned streets of Downtown Beirut.. design, manufacturing and showroom merged into one; where hammers, calipers and shears shine alongside diamonds and gold. The desire to showcase every facet of jewelry making brings the magic of four generations of jewelers into the limelight; allowing to underpin the brand’s unique identity. It started out with Dima and her younger sister Tania, playing in their father’s jewelry shop in London. Their lineage of jeweler’s dates back to 1891 – when their great-great-grandfather opened the first boutique in Beirut’s famed gold ‘souk’.

Dima and Tania’s father, Elie, continued the family tradition, crisscrossing between two continents, and the Atelier in Saifi Village opened in 2011 as an extension of their jewelry legacy. The sisters are now the fourth generation of Nawbar jewelers, reinventing history and taking cues from their unique personal stories.

Today the sisters have taken over and their input in the atelier celebrate innovations, elegance, the modern woman and heritage.


Another brand that celebrates heritage is Foundrae. It’s authentic, classic, personal and autobiographical, these are a few of the words used to describe the Foundrae collection which is more than jewelry; they are modern heirlooms, ones that allow the wearer to express something highly personal to the world. And like all heirlooms, these pieces tell a story. The story they tell is both ancient—for what is more timeless than our personal quests for inner peace, for love, for strength as well as highly relevant.

The Foundrae collection is based on a lexicon of symbols that they culled from a variety of cultures and time periods with the intention to create an inclusive language that not only appeals to the individuality of the modern consumer, but that also celebrates a set of values that is greater than the value of the gold itself.

Pascale Monvoisin

A new comer to our market in Pascale Monvoisin. Pascale Monvoisin creates her jewelry like an artist paints a masterpiece; with subtle, nuanced touches and no fear of imperfections. For Pascale, beauty is born in irregularity, imperfect symmetry, and the mark of the human hand.

The designer is willfully irreverent, marrying precious materials with those that aren’t so. Gold with seashells. Beautiful gemstones with silk thread.

In her world, colors have a gentle, distinctive patina. The designer loves monochromes and muted shades. She spontaneously moves towards colors that please her, without worrying about classic beauty standards.

Every single stone she uses was selected by her, one by one. She often jets off to Jaipur to choose the turquoise, tourmaline, labradorite, moonstone, and even diamonds that mingle in her creations. The common denominator is gold: a trusted, stable, comforting metal. Antique jewelry is an integral part of her world. She admires their lines, colors, their patient structural work.


Omaya Michelle

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