Style with Lana Qatramiz

Who is Lana Qatramiz? Stumbling upon her profile on Instagram, we all wondered who was this beautiful young woman that works as a private stylist for Farfetch and their VIC (Very important clients).

Lana Qatramiz is in her early 20’s from Syrian descent she was born and raised in Paris; making her fluent in French, Arabic and English.

Her hobbies involved arts and crafts and at first, she wanted to become a painter but her obsession with fashion kept growing whenever she received comments and compliments about her style.

She decided to combine both fashion and art during her foundation year in Paris and incorporated her Arabic roots and culture into her style.

In Dubai she started styling and being a personal shopper and ended up a Farfetch and we could not be happier as we can now style ourselves exactly like her.

Some of our favorite looks are:

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Trop coloré

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The summer shirt; she wears a light, breezy summer printed shirt in pastel colors with a pair of lilac palazzo trousers and she is ready to take on any coastal town.

Easy to replicate and fits all body types, this look is simple yet sophisticated and depending on the colors and prints you choose you can make it lusher.


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Basics & ✨ @massimodutti

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She also loves androgynous looks and this black and white edition is similar to the first look with a loose plain white shirt, on a palazzo black pant with an open black gilet and some cool cow print boots.

It’s a stylish take on work-wear appropriate.

We all love a good bow and nothing like an organza shirt to pull that off.

Lana wears a purple organza shirt with a bow around the neck made of the same fabric, under a velvet blazer it is a match made in heaven. Both materials are luxurious and emanate warmth.


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