Thrifted: ‘Stained’ by Daisy Sleiman

Thrifting is becoming more and more popular – and for good reason! With the rise of concerns for the environment with correlation to the impact of the fast fashion industry, more people are turning to thrifting and upcycled clothing. That being said, we, at The Modern East are happy to introduce our newest fashion series “Thrifted” in which we introduce new upcoming businesses in the fashion industry taking part in a movement that will greatly benefit our society and the environment that we live in.

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For today’s Thrifted feature, we are happy to introduce ‘Stained’ by the aspiring Lebanese fashion designer, stylist, and photographer, Daisy Sleiman.

What is Stained?

“STAINED is an online Instagram thrift store in Lebanon that I have been working on for a while now. I wanted to start it in order to give people the confidence I have when I put my clothes on,” Daisy tells us, “I believe that selling your own wardrobe is way more personal than selling anything you have designed or sewn. It holds memories and entails so much character.”

With drive and passion for the cause, Daisy has taken it upon herself to adhere to environmental needs that have surfaced due to the impact of the fast fashion industry while using her passion of photography and prioritizing inclusivity. “I had to do this just as I would do anything and that is to go out of my way for a thrift store,” she says, “I wanted to use models with diversity, especially people and friends I knew lacked confidence to do it. I was told after every shoot, by the model, that they did not think they had it in them to model or take such photos. That’s when I realized that what I’m doing is way more than sticking a number on a post and calling it a day”.

The Importance of Thrifting

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“As a fashion student, the constant use of the word sustainable has made it lose its value,” Daisy explains, “Sustainability isn’t only about talking down on fast fashion brands, it’s also about taking the intimate effect of going out and trying to find garments worn by others but are ready to be given to someone else. It’s about wearing the same item more and more by different people who add character and style to it every time they wear it.”

Thrifting is something that has grown popular in this day and age yet is still looked down upon by many who believe in luxury and prestige in regard to materialism. “What people don’t understand is that being singled out is the new prestige,” Daisy says, “We can all buy the same top from any retail store in any mall and then find two people in our crowd-owning the same item in their closet. Thrifting is about diversity, and it’s about having items that others cannot even grab because of their value and their rareness.”

In regard to how thrifting and upcycling garments impact the world we live in as of now and for the future, this is what Daisy has to say “As long as the economic turmoil persists, thrifting shall continue to be the most convenient solution for fashion lovers in Beirut, Lebanon. When a tiny piece of fabric from a retail store now costs as much as you would pay for a one-month rent for a flat, thrifting will eventually become the highlight of fashion.”

Not only is thrifting good for the environment, but it also plays a huge role in creativity and self-expression as far as fashion goes “In addition to that, being able to use vintage items through styling and upcycling into different garments only allows the human brain to expand through creativity just as it did with the viral TikTok hacks of turning a sweatshirt into a top & skirt. These trends subconsciously guide our brains towards creativity even if you’re not enrolled in an art major,” she says.

Future Goals and Meaningful Thoughts

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Unlike many luxury brands that have been held to a standard in the fashion industry, Daisy does not consider high numbers – whether in regard to income or followers of her brand – as a priority for her business. “One can only hope for success,” she says, “My aim is not the numbers but the emotions that will come with every piece and the storytelling that I am ready to share through the cards I will be incorporating with every order. The card will have the memory I am most fond of about the item they have purchased. My only hope is for people to enjoy the experience of shopping in my closet and I’d hope to see how people would style the items that I have worn using their own visions and style. Stained is about people sharing memories that start with me and God knows where it ends”.

Stained officially launched in Beirut, Lebanon on the 19th of April 2021, a special date for Daisy. “April 19th is my sister’s birthday, who is the inspiration of this clothing store. She has always been the person to take all my ideas into consideration but also hit me with the hard truth. The brand’s diversity is inspired by her for she is also my editor and co-director of the account itself. Her lack of confidence about garment sizing and the internet image of the “ideal” body has been my greatest motivation and muse when I create anything whether it is an item or this whole store,” She says.

Don’t forget to follow Daisy Sleiman on Instagram as well as Stained, her online thrift store to support her small business and keep up with this fashion journey.


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