Top Looks from Wathek Allal (@ouchmyermharts)

Wathek Allal’s name has been dropped on several fashion news outlets in the previous months for the launch of his label ‘Precious trust’.

The self-taught Algerian designer who moved from Syria to Dubai with his family shortly after the war broke out began experimenting with fashion and sketching pieces he likes to wear. Wathek, a student of the minimalist approach to fashion, carries his signature style in everything he wears and anything he touches.

Today we take a look at some of his best outfits flaunted on the gram and we analyze the genius behind the intricate – yet simple styling!

Spice Up Your Office Clothes!

He wears black wide leg office pants with a classic belt, a good start for a corporate look, but it is continued by a baby blue stripped collar shirt with a chest pocket, a pair of green Dr. Martens and a black bucket hat. The look is a reflection of a conflicted soul, like all of us with office jobs, between wanting to go to the beach and chill and having to be at a desk for work.

Bring back your grandfather’s gilet!

He wears a white T-shirt with a round collar, a pair of grey office pants (I see a trend here) white socks and formal tie-up shoes. The look can look sharp and smart, but the touch of genius is layering it up with a hand knitted wool gilet featuring a floral design in a palette of yellow, blue and red.

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June is gonna be fun

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Don’t be afraid of animal prints!

He brings out his wild side with showcasing a pair of cow printed pants. Yes, you read that right, the print is a cow print! A bold move for this young man. Because the pants are loud enough, Wathek tones the rest of the outfit with an extra-large grey hoodie and black boots to balance it out – and you know what? It works!

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Flaunt anything with prints!

He once again strikes gold with printed pants featuring a scene of a rodeo across both legs. The print has delicate soft tones of blue and yellow but is definitely a show stopper.

To leave the attention on the pants, Wathek pairs them with a white T-shirt, a black jacket and a black beanie. The perfect combination for a great outfit!

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at least 🖤☀️ @farfetch #withfarfetch

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To be inspired and learn more we recommend following him on Instagram where he shamelessly posts his outfits on @ouchmyermharts.


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