Christmas Desserts From Around The World

It is a well known fact that calories do not count during the holidays. It’s science. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most delicious and decadent Christmas desserts the world has to offer. If you’re scrambling for last minute ideas for your holiday meal, you might wanna try out one of these.

Bunuelos: Mexico

Bunuelos are fried bit of dough that are a popular Christmas treat in Mexico, Spain, and other parts of Latin America. Depending on region, the fillings and shape can also vary. Some regions bunuelos are more a flat disc shape than a donut hole like ball. Some regions stuff theirs with things like cheese, cream, or flavor them with pumpkin or almond. These tasty holiday gems are very popular in street food stalls all across Mexico at Christmas. They’re seriously tasty, and highly addictive. You can get a good recipe for a tradition version here, at Julia’s Cuisine.

Photo Credit: Julia’s Cuisine

White Christmas Slice: Australia

Calling all white chocolate lovers, this one is for you. In Australia, this is one of the most beloved Christmas desserts going. The bars typically consist of raisins, dried fruits, nuts, white chocolate, and puffed rice cereal. There’s no baking involved here. You just mix things up, press it into a pan, and cut into slices. This stuff is sweet, but also versatile. You can add any sort of dried fruits you want, though raisins and dried cherries are the most common. Check out a recipe here.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Lebkuchen: Germany

Think of these as the Germanic version of gingerbread cookies. These cookies are much puffier and soft however than many more traditional gingerbread. Lebkuchen dates back all the way to the 13th century. There are generally two different varieties: one glazed with lemon icing, and one dipped in chocolate. These treats really are delicious and are packed with Christmas flavor. They’re one of the most popular Christmas desserts in Germany and can be readily found in many shop windows. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Sugar Pie: Canada

Even though it was first made in Quebec, today this Canadian favorite is one of the most popular Christmas desserts from coast to coast. This is one seriously sweet pie, with strong flavors of maple. Which makes sense, considering the filling is mostly maple syrup and cream. Still, even with a heavy punch of sweetness, it’s still a really comforting and satisfying dessert. If you want to give it a go, head over here for a great recipe.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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