7 Continents, 7 Foods

Who doesn’t love to try new foods? Whether you’re traveling the world or trying something new around Dubai, there is literally a whole world of food to enjoy. With so many choices, it can be impossible to know where to start to try something different from what you’re used to. If that’s you, here’s a small selection of one food that you may not have tried from each of the seven continents:

Africa – Muamba Chicken

A popular dish across Central Africa and the national dish of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Muamba Chicken is a delicious and aromatic stew. The chicken will be marinated in a delicious mix of flavors (favorites include paprika and garlic) along with a helping of vegetables and palm butter. If you decide to make this dish at home, just be sure to obtain your palm oil or butter from an ethical source!

Asia – Momos

The famous Napalese style of dumping has taken Asia by storm. Usually filled with minced meat, the Momo combines the style of East Asian dumplings with the aromatic flavors of the Indian subcontinent with spices such as coriander, cumin, chili, turmeric, and many more being common.

Europe – Goulash

It would be easy to pick a European dish from France or Italy from European cuisine but, if you really want to try something a bit different, why not go for an Eastern European Goulash stew/ soup. Richly seasoned with lots of peppers and paprika, Goulash is primarily made from slow-cooked braising steak. Yum!

North America – Poutine

The home of fast food, North America, seems to have its own take on almost every cuisine. My favorite dish here is actually aside, that goes perfectly with burgers, steaks, or any other meat dish really: Canadian Poutine. The dish is simple, a beautiful combination of French fries, peppercorn sauce or gravy, and cheese curds! It’s not uncommon to find delicious toppings such as shredded beef thrown in on top!

Oceania – Chevrettes a la Vanille et Coco


This Tahitian dish is a bit different from what you’re used to expecting from shrimps. It is an appetizer made from peeled shrimp, vanilla bean, and coconut milk. This sweeter take than the usual sweet and sour shrimp will definitely get your tastebuds curious!

South America – Empanadas

One of Argentina’s most popular street foods, Empanada literally translates to “wrapped in bread” and is usually served as an appetizer brought to Argentina by Spanish immigrants in the 16th century. These are essentially fired dough stuffed with meat or cheese and are absolutely delicious.

Antarctica – Krill

Okay, so this one isn’t for you humans. This is the favorite dish of one of the continent’s most prolific inhabitants; penguins!!

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