Food Review: Takis and Jalapeños

Yup, it’s the snack that took TikTok by storm! When you scroll on your For You Page, it’s practically impossible to not see at least one person chomping down on a jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese and Takis — a rolled tortilla chip coated in chili and lime flavoring. Built off the back of the keto diet — a low-carb, high-fat diet that’s known best for its lack of bread and love for cheese, this snack was born, and people are absolutely loving it! But is the Takis and Jalapenos snack any good?

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On August 8, Gordon Ramsay reviewed @myhealthydish ‘s TikTok that featured a “low-carb bell pepper sandwich” that used capsicums in place of, you guessed it, bread. Filled with cream cheese, Everything But The Bagel seasoning, spinach, and sliced turkey, the celebrity chef called the creation an “idiot sandwich” during his viral #RamsayReacts series.

Soon, the jalapeño, cream cheese, and Taki creation were born. Some squeeze some lime on top for some extra flavor, others shake some Everything But The Bagel seasoning inside the pepper, but the main elements stay pretty much the same.

How to Make it

All you have to do is cut the top off the jalapeño, remove the seeds, stuff the pepper with cream cheese, insert about three Takis inside, and then eat. The chip doesn’t necessarily have to be Takis either. Any other spicy chip will suffice, like Hot Cheetos, but the rolled tortilla-style chip with lime flavoring does work best.

The jalapeño gives the crunch, the cream cheese makes it creamy and the Takis make it spicy, and heaps of people have fallen in love with the snack! If the jalapenos are a tad too spicy and you’re not a fan, don’t worry! You can substitute it for Capsicum or Bell Pepper.

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