Food for Thought: Eat and Drink

Many families know here in the UAE know Eat and Drink to be a bit of an institution and they’re not wrong. Found in 22 little neighbourhoods across the UAE this small and humble food haunt has been serving up cheap and cheerful meals since 1982!

In our family, we have a bit of a tradition when moving to a new house, our first meal on the first night is always Eat and Drink. You’re probably thinking how weird and wondering why we would pick this out of all the Deliveroo options available here… Well the answer is fairly uncomplicated, we started living here long before Deliveroo arrived, and we happened to move into our first neighbourhood a couple of streets away from the Umm Suqeim Eat and Drink branch. After a very long day (with the help of an amazing removal team) we couldn’t bear the thought of trying to find all the necessary kitchen equipment to whip up something to eat. After a quick Google we stumbled across this local gem only a short stroll away, so we called to place our order and within 30 minutes some tasty hot roasted chickens arrived along with a bunch of Arabic sides and flatbread (shout out to their delicious hummus) … from that moment on, we were hooked.

We soon discovered they have a crazy long menu covering everything from Indian to Chinese and have tried a few of their other dishes however we always seem to slip back to our old faithful, the roast chickens.

Born and bred here, Eat and Drink is great for when you have impromptu visits from family or friends, and you need something in a hurry or if you’re just exhausted from a really long day at work or commute and really just CBF to brave the grocery store and then slave away in the kitchen.

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