Yummy Foods You Didn’t Know Were Healthy

We all have our guilty pleasures but seem to regret them right after we finish eating them a lot of the time. Well, we have some good news – you may not have to feel guilty after all! Some of your favorite yummy foods may be healthier than you think. Keep reading to see just which ones they are and let us know your fave!

Baked and Loaded Potatoes

No way – too many carbs! Well, think again – loaded potatoes actually have a lot of nutritional value to them, but the trick is, when baking potatoes, stick to the ones that add color to your plate – like sweet potatoes! Top with diced veggies, salsa, and plain Greek yogurt to replace sour cream and Bon appetite.


Yup, you read that right. Homemade whole-wheat pizza crust can be as easy as 4-5 ingredients—water, yeast, salt, whole wheat flour, and sometimes a bit of sweetener. I bet you can even have it made and in the oven before the delivery man arrives.


A burger once in a while won’t break the scale but the key is to choose the right ingredients. Opt for lean sources of protein when indulging in a burger. Ground turkey or bison makes for great burger patties. You can even go bun free as a low carb-paleo route if you feel so inclined.


What do you do when you just feel like snacking? It’s simple – just switch out your chips for popcorn! Well, Plain that is. Popcorn is high in fiber and is a healthy snack that is great for you to munch on when you just feel like you need to fill your tummy up.

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