Hot Dog Toppings You Need to Try

Hot dogs aren’t just for scarfing in the dark on your weekly jaunt to the cinema. Are you tired of hotdogs being plain and boring, simply topped with some ketchup or mustard? Whether you like yours simple or piled high with toppings, these hot dog toppings are absolutely mouth-watering, and we definitely recommend you try them! Keep scrolling to read about these delicious hot dog topping combos and get to tasting them.


This is the ultimate meat-lovers dog. Bacon imparts its delicious flavor to most of any food, but it adds a particular smokiness to hot dogs on the grill.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese with sausage mixed in – delicious! This creation is simply the portable, messier version of mac and cheese with bacon. Let this fun hot dog topping take you back to your childhood!

Ranch Dressing and Chips

Most foods can be enhanced by ranch, and hot dogs are no exception. Ranch dressing has officially joined the world of condiments, and I’m totally on board with this. The creamy ranch will perfectly coat the hot dog, and the potato chips and slaw will add a great salty crunch.

Baked Beans

Now we’re talking REAL barbecue. You can never put too much barbecue sauce in your baked beans, especially you’re using them as a hot dog topping. If you’re interested in going the extra mile and preparing it on your own, go for this classic southern baked bean recipe.

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