Spotlight On: Bruschetta Bar

If you need a last minute idea for your next gathering why don’t you try creating a bruschetta bar at home? It’s extremely easy to put together – much easier than it looks! There is no doubt it will be the star of the night and wow your guests. 

How to make bruschetta bar at home

There are plenty of options and possible ingredient combinations, so don’t limit yourselves only to these below suggestions. Although they are a good place to start if you’re completely stumped! 

Bruschetta toppings

Tomato and basil

Roasted peppers

Marinated artichokes

Sundried tomatoes


Marinara sauce




Cold Cuts (up to you!)

Cheeses (up to you but mozzarella and goat cheese are a must in my opinion!)

How to make bruschetta bar at home

A few tips to prepare your bar

  1. Prepare the pesto and marinara sauce the day before, or buy your favourite brand from the grocery store
  2. Put together all the toppings when you have time during the day, except for the ones that go black (the pear for instance)
  3. Set up the bar around 30 minutes before the guests arrive
  4. Pre-cut a few slices of the cheeses to make them look more inviting
  5. Cut your bread, brush it with olive oil and pop it in the oven just before your guests arrive so they taste super fresh
  6. Fill the gaps on the bar with some of the grilled bread and place the rest in a side dish

You could prepare a few bruschettas for your guests or leave all the fun to them! There are endless combinations to make!

How to make bruschetta bar at home

PS: the slate cheese boards are available at Crate and Barrel in different sizes / they also have plenty of side bowl options. You could also purchase the bowls from Ikea

Bon appetit!

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