Indian Dishes You May Have Never Heard Of

Indian Food – one of the world’s top cuisines of all time! We’ve all heard of the typical – and still delicious – dishes like Biryani, Masala Curry, and Butter chicken, but there is an entire array of Indian dishes that seem quite unappreciated! Not because of their taste, but simply because many people outside of the culture have not heard of them. International food is absolutely delicious, and it is important to know and learn about the other cultures within our society! Join us on our journey through the menu of an authentic Indian restaurant as we tell you more about some of the less popular Indian dishes that you absolutely have to try!

Litti Chokha, Bihar

Litti Chokha hails from the heartland of Bihar and has been on our fave food list since eternity. “Litti” are tight sattu dumplings traditionally baked in clay ovens while “chokha” is a fiery dip made of brinjal, onions, and spices. The dumplings are often doused with a generous helping of ghee to offset the dryness, while the clay oven lends the dish a distinct smoky favor. There is something intensely raw and rustic about this spicy dish that we can’t seem to have enough of.


This yummy dish is Maharashtrian in tradition and made from all-purpose flour stuffed with a paste of lentil and jaggery (unrefined cane sugar). The sweet flatbread is cooked on a pan (tawa) until brown. Every Maharashtrian family has their own special recipe for Puranpoli and the preparation varies across different regions of the state.

Bisibelebhath, Karnataka

Bisibelebhath is a sour and tangy South Indian dish made from rice, lentils, vegetables, and spices like nutmeg, curry leaves, and tamarind pulp. A complete nutritious meal in itself, Bisibelebhath is served hot with curd and papad.

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