Chips of Arabia

Growing up in Dubai, my favorite chips were ‘Papy Snacks’. No, not Doritos or Pringles, but a kitschy little shiny red and yellow packet of Papy Snacks. And I’m sure that if you grew up here, you have a fav non-big brand chip too!

Because from Pofaki to Sohar and Salad chips, we’re blessed with a range of mighty little snack brands that haven’t changed one bit. It’s what we love about them. Retro packs that remind us of our childhood. And flavors that still taste like they did back when we were bumping cars at Al Nasr Leisureland.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do your taste buds a favor and keep reading 😛 And if you do, it’s time to relive the good old days.

1. Pofaki

Emirates Pofaki Chips Arabic

Photo: Aswaaq online

I’ve always wondered what made Pofaki everybody’s ultra fav. Turns out it’s a combination of cheese and butter flavorings. They use butter! Who doesn’t love butter!?

2. Aladin

arabic aladin chips


Aside from being super cute, these babies pack in loads of flavor with a mix of tomato, turmeric, and herbs.

3. Chips Oman

chips oman UAE

Photo: ebay

The king of the classics. Flavored with chili and paprika but not too spicy, these potato crisps go with errthang.

4. Cheez Balls

cheez balls chips of arabia

It takes serious willpower to not go through an entire (large) bag of these in a single go. And the crumbs get everywhere, but it’s always worth it.

5. Sohar

sohar chips potato snacks


Oman has been crushing the chip game for as long as I can remember. Sohar is just another delicious pack from the great nation, this time flavored with chicken and chili.

6. Papy Snacks

papy snacks chips


So turns out it’s the mix of celery, parsley, basil, dill and garlic that makes these so good. #whoknew

7. Salad Chips

salad chips potato snacks


These hot and sour-flavored babies are far from a salad – which is probably what makes them so addictive 😉

8. Raja

raja potato chips snacks


Who knew vegetable-flavored anything could taste this good? I’ll tell you who. It was Raja. Raja knew all along.

9. Ali Baba

ali baba chips potato snacks


I remember collecting the tokens from the back of these packs when I was a kid. I have no idea what they were for :/ But hey, the zesty tomato-flavored chips tasted great!

10. Safari

safari chips potato snacks


It’s probably the shape of these chips that makes them so fun to eat. That and the fact that they’re extra crunchy.

11. Potato Stix

potato stix chips snacks


Gahhh plain or hot & spicy? These babies are great either way. And even better when sprinkled over basic af food 😛

12. Majid Crispy

majid crispy potato chips


These chicken-flavored puffs dissolve almost as soon as they hit your tongue. And it feels and tastes soo goooood.


What’s your fav? Or did I miss something? Tell us about it in the comments below :*


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