3 At-Home Back Workouts

It’s back day and it’s time to work on those muscles! From your shoulders all the way down to your lower back, these exercises will have you covered in terms of strength, flexibility, and even posture – one of the most important parts of a back workout for so many reasons – on of the most significant being relieving that lower back pain that we all just can’t stand! Keep reading to learn about all the ways you can strengthen your back with these workout videos that can help you from the comfort of your own home.


Yes, your shoulders are an important part of your back workout. Many women actually include shoulders in their back workout instead of having a separate day to work on them as many women simply want to become stronger and more toned instead of bulky and broad. You don’t need much for these shoulder exercises, maybe some dumbbells or another weight – and it’s only 5 minutes long!

Back Strengthening

Your upper back muscles and lats form one of the largest areas of the upper body and therefore essential in hypertrophy workouts as well as fat loss workouts. Because these areas are so significant, back strengthening exercises will help you improve your maxes on most other upper body lifts. Follow this awesome and short video do find out just how to get this done.

Back Flexibility

Having a flexible lower back will ensure that you don’t suffer from lower back pain and other posture problems. Increasing flexibility in your lower back will decrease the amount of weight and pressure that your vertebra has to endure, making your body more fit and healthy. Stand up tall with that new and improved posture thanks to this back flexibility work out routine

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