How to make 2021 your happiest year

This is redundant news but 2020 has been tough for many people all over the world. 2021 brings with it, feelings of hope and optimism. Last year, our priorities changed. Now, we seem to appreciate nature, home baking, wellness & working out a lot more. Is this enough to lead a happier life? We looked into the topic and found great resources to help you go from picking a couple of resolutions to take a big goal: make this year your happiest year ever. Here are a few tips that can help achieve this oh so ambitious goal.


1. Be kind to yourself

Actual Science of Happiness has shown that the best way to keep up with new year’s resolution is not a radical change but to be kind to yourself. Science studied the impact of a strict diet or dropping bad habits from one day to the next will not make you happy. Want to know more about the science behind it?

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2. Possibility Thinking

We are sometimes obsessed with being positive all the time -or at least, trying to be. The idea behind this is that being positive will attract positive outcome. Positive thinking & affirmations help rise above negativity which is needed. However, without following up with possibility thinking often leave the thinker without any actions taken. Possibility thinking is a term that is more and more used to describe the process to think about what is possible and tangible to action in order to not give up mentally.


3. Living in the moment

Let’s end this list with a good read: “Practicing the Power of Now” by New York Times bestselling author Eckhart Tolle. Living in the moment, not stay focused on the past, has been shown more than once that it is a key to happiness.

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