Stationery for the new year

It’s January, the only month of the year where you can buy a planner or an agenda and feel like it’s ok to pay the full price for it. Buying stationery takes us back-to-school season when we were kids and helps kick start new good habits. Be it because this year you want to be more organized, you want to start journaling, or you simply want to re-decorate your work space. Here are a few stationery items that are sure to bring a bit of sparkle into your life.


1. Stickers

When is the last time you actually bought stickers? I don’t personally remember but when I see how excited kids are with stickers, I want some too.

Image Source: Bigmoods


2. Magnetic Planner

Save paper, and see your to-do list literally disappear with a magnetic planner.

Image Source: Asos


3. Metal Wall Grid

They just look so good don’t they?

Image Source: Amazon

4. Engraving pens

How about a new kind of pen to start the year and boost your creativity? Ever heard of engraving pens? They allow you to customize pretty much anything you own.

Image Source: Amazon

5. Chalkboard Decal

For the school-nostalgic, why not make over your office space with some chalkboard decal? You can cut it any shape you want and give your space a unique look.

Image Source: Amazon




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