Custom-Made Sneakers by Rund Samman

We’ve all seen the hype all over social media – custom sneakers are so in! For today’s fashion feature we have 21-year-old, Saudi Arabian graphic designer and artist, Rund Samman who has a passion for sneaker art! Not only are we obsessed with her designs, but we appreciate the entrepreneurial motive of a young woman in the region.

How it Came About

We love it when learning turns into something beautiful – especially when it’s a form of art! “It all started because of a university project called Typography in which we were learning about graffiti and different types of art and one of our assignments was to customize a shoe inspired by graffiti,” Rund tells us.

Since her project, several people from family, to friends, and even referrals have contacted Rund for a pair of custom-made sneakers! How cool? “I named my shoe company “Drip” because it was inspired by graffiti itself and the drip that it creates when you spray it onto the surface – and yes, also because it plays into the slang term for cool fashion – so, pun intended,” Rund explains.

Stepping Out of Her Comfort Zone

Rund does not stop there. Painting on fabric seemed a little too easy at this point so she decided to try something with her favorite shoe brand – Nike! “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and combine my art with a shoe brand that I absolutely have an obsession with,” She says. Using a pair of black Nike Air Forces, Rund started out by painting the shoe white to have a clean canvas to work with and got to work. “I painted the shoes red with a custom design and it’s one of my favorites I’ve done so far!”

Rund is still working on her shoe business, but for now, she is using this hobby to make awesome gifts for her friends. “Sneakerheads love the idea and it is a perfect gift idea for them,” She explains. If you would like a pair of custom sneakers, Rund welcomes you to contact her! Don’t forget to check out her work here.


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