Fashion Week with Ola Farahat

Fashion week this season saw major players in the industry do things differently due to the numerous travel restrictions imposed by governments in response to Covid19.

We saw remote shows, where we could all access the livestream and be part of the experience, we saw technology take over like at the Balmain show where the guests were present digitally on the runway, we saw many new ideas that were refreshing to an industry that has not changed in the past decade.

Very few influencers from the region were able to be there and attend but brands dressed them locally and worked with them in order to highlight the show remotely, we saw Leena Al Ghouti shine for Louis Vuitton and MiuMiu, we saw Dima Sheikhly do the same for Dior but the one that managed to see it all and experience it live and alone is the one and only Ola Farahat.

Ola, we don’t know how you made it to Paris, but we applaud the willpower it must have taken!

Forget Emily in Paris, Ola should have filmed her adventure to make it to her destination and shine at the very last show of the season; Louis Vuitton.

To attend the show that happened at La Samaritaine, Ola got dressed by the brand in the cutest outfit that we can all try to recreate at home once the weather gets colder.

She wore a plisse mini skirt, with a red turtleneck top and a monogram LV jacket.

The accessories were fantastic with large hoop earrings that have LV on the inside, and a leather hair band with the monogram on both edges of it. The cherry on top was the LV face mask in all black with the logo on the side.

We also love the famous egg bag that was seen on the runway of LV a couple of seasons back and that matches the loafers she’s wearing that add a touch of masculinity to a very girly outfit.

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