HAK THE LABEL: Love Us Some Jewelry!

To all you jewelry lovers; brace yourselves for this emerging brand, also known as “HAK THE LABEL” that was launched in 2018 by Hakima Al Said.

What’s so great about this brand is that it doesn’t focus on certain designs; Hakima bases off her designs on all the places she calls ‘home;’ such as, the Middle East, Asia, South Africa, and Europe! This allows her designs to depict cultural symbolisms through contemporary designs that showcases modern femininity through simple, minimal, and polished styles!

Here are some of her designs from her Kindred Collection 2019:


I don’t know about you, but her attention to detail as she showcases multiple designs from her international upbringing into a single aesthetic item allows women of all cultures and traditions to purchase and feel empowered while wearing them! Hakima truly creates unique, modern and original pieces that are sourced by ancient times in a bold yet minimal way – balanced with feminine and delicate details.

If any of you ladies out there are interested in purchasing her collection or looking at her other designs, make sure you check out her website! https://hakthelabel.com


Omaya Michelle

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