NYFW Beauty Trends to Try at Home

If you don’t take fashion seriously but love a good makeup look and fly nails, you’ll love the NYFW beauty looks that hit the runways this season. Although designers are focused on debuting their latest clothing collections, makeup and hair play a significant part in how the clothing look on the runway. For this reason, designers team up with some of the worlds best artists to make sure that the makeup and nails for the show are on point.

From simple monochromatic eye looks to wearable editorial looks, the beauty from NYFW stood out just as much as the fashion designs. Just in case you didn’t keep up with NYFW, here are some of our favorite beauty looks (makeup and nails) that we can’t wait to try for ourselves.

1.  Cut Crease Liner and Bold Lips

This may be an unconventional way to use an eyeliner pencil, but it’s worth it. Instead of lining your top lashes try applying your liner in your crease instead, creating negative space between your top liner and lashes. A good gel-liner pencil paired with a bold lipstick like Hollywood Red from Maybelline, this is a great look to try if you like playing with color.

2. Smokey Winged Eyeshadow

Smokey eyes will forever be in style. A twist to this classic eye look is creating a winged look with your eyeshadow. For this smokey eye look, makeup artist Hung Venngo used The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Rooftop Bronzes from Maybelline.

3. Monochromatic eyes

If you like playing with color but don’t have the time or expertise to blend a ton of colors, monochromatic eyes are your best friend. For the Alice + Olivia NYFW Presentation this year, makeup artist Erin Parsons created monochromatic pastel eyes that corresponded with the outfits that the models would be wearing. You can do the same thing right at home when you’re looking to spice up your look.

4. Graphic Bright Eyeliner

Colored winged liner is another great way to add a pop of color to your makeup look without it being over the top or overbearing. From what we saw during NYFW, yellow is the go-to liner color that you should try out when you get a chance.

5. Fresh Skin with a touch of blush

Of all the NYFW beauty looks that we saw this season, this one was the most effortless yet super pretty. Sometimes less is more. Also, you don’t always have the time or energy to complete a full face of makeup. Instead, apply a light layer of foundation and apply blush to give your face an awoken look.

6. Glossy Lids

There’s something about a glossy lid that makes you eyes light up. For the Rebecca Minkoff presentation this season at NYFW, makeup artist Grace Lee gave models fresh skin with a glossy eyelid to top it off. To create the glossy look, Grace used Maybelline’s Baby Lips (yes, a lip balm) to get a soft non-sticky look. Of course, Baby Lip’s works wonders on your lips as well.

7. Exaggerated blush and sunset eyes

While this may not be the most practical beauty look from NYFW, it surely is a joy to look at. Yellow and oranges look so good together on the lids. Paired with a matching blush (and connected) it’s like a beautiful sunset happening right on your face.

8. Earth-toned Glam

This halo eye look plus this brick lipstick is the perfect way to pull off a smokey eye in the daytime. Instead of the traditional black, go with brown shadows to create a daytime appropriate subtle smokey eye.

9. The Elevated “no makeup” makeup look

langece grace lee nyfw maybelline

When wearing little to no makeup, a great way to emphasize your eyes is by loading up on bottom mascara. Thicker bottom lashes tend to make your eyes look sultry and modelesque.

10. Latte Colored Nails

Brown is such an underrated nail color. It’s so subtle and goes with almost everything—it’s kind of hard not to like it.

11. Silver Accented Nails

Small metallic designs on your nails can give the simplest manicure some personality. Whether you throw on some 3D metal art or a splash of metallic nail paint, it’s an easy way to make your manicure stand out.

12. Reversed French Mani

This modern version of a classic nail style that everyone loves—the french manicure.  A minor twist on this timeless design gives the french manicure a whole new feel.

13. Mix Matched Solids and Prints

Why have a “regular” manicure when you can have a different design on every other fingernail. If you can commit to one nail color or design trying rocking them all at once instead.

14. Retro 80s Vibes

If you want your nails to be the center of attention, play with bright colors and prints. The more colors, the merrier.

15. Matchy Nails and Lips

Finding the perfect nail polish to match your new lipstick is such a gratifying feeling. And quite honestly, it will never go out of style, and it’s ideal for every setting that you can imagine.

Now that we’ve shown you all of our favorite trends NYFW let us know which ones are at the top of your list to try at home.

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