Fun With Decor: Lamps

When people think of ways to spruce up their space a bit, lamps aren’t typically the first thing they think of. Generally, we gravitate towards a new piece of furniture or some fresh artwork. But, even though they often get overlooked, a new lamp or two can be a great way to give your room a little character. Lamps are far from boring these days, and you can find styles in everything from chic and elegant to fun and quirky. Plus, you can find something for every budget. Check out some of these finds we spotted and get some inspo for a room pick-me-up of your own.

This Adorable Color-Changing Rabbit Lamp

Yes, yes, the full item description may saaaaaayyy that it is a lamp for a child’s bedroom, but we say it’s unfair to put an age limit on this thing. We mean look at it, it’s beyond adorable. If you woke up to this little guy on your nightstand, your day is going to start off right. Or, you could even use him as a nightlight for your bathroom, so when you stumble in at the dead of night, you don’t have to fumble with a light switch. It even comes with a remote to turn it on and off and change the color to fit your current mood. You need one.

Photo Credit: Amazon

These Lovely Tree Lamps

Bring a bit of the outside in with these gorgeous tree-style lamps. These would totally work in any room in your house, and they’re powered by a USB cable. You can even adjust the branches to “shape” your tree however you find most aesthetically pleasing.

Photo Credit: Amazon

This Feathery And Fabulous Lamp

Feeling a little “extra”? Feather lamps are a thing, and they are pretty amazing. This one in-particular is on the smaller side, making it perfect for a side-table or night stand. However, you can find others that are full on floor lamps. We are also loving the fact that it comes with a remote and can be USB or battery powered.

Photo Credit: Amazon

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