Bbayti: Meet the Team

Do you need someone to fulfill all of your creative needs? Bbayti has got you covered. Online stores are great for everyone and everything; from fashion to groceries and, of course, home décor. Unfortunately, for those with very creative minds, finding home décor can be a struggle, and this is where Bbayti differs from your typical furniture store. To learn more about this unique start up and meet the team, keep reading!

What is Bbayti?

Bbayti is so much more than just a group of five talented individuals coming together in terms of everything creative and the endless possibilities of design. The Bbayti team expresses their passion through their eagerness to discover more about how they can provide their services to everyone around them – through this idea, Bbayti was born.

Bbayti is an online store dedicated to all things home, helping you personalize your surroundings into whatever you wish to make them! Bbayti aims to reflect on their buyers’ personalities through their designs, pouring their all into each and every piece.

The Bbayti Team


The Bbayti team consists of five young and passionate entrepreneurs that are eager to delve into all things design in terms of home décor. Through their tenacity and admiration within the field, the team proves that the binding of friendship and passion can accomplish great things.

Ali Charafeddine

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Ali Charafeddine is a 22-year-old graduate with a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. “With the people, I like to call family, I had the pleasure to start Bbayti and explore the abilities to combine technical skills and turn them into aesthetic designs for our clients,” he says, “I speak for the entire team when I say, a mutual wish that we all share is to work on Bbayti to reach every home and embed an everlasting memory.”

Mohamad Bilal

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Mohamad Bilal is a 22-year-old graduate with a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineer and the second member of the Bbayti team. “I’m excited to be a part of this team of creative individuals who are brought together by the goal of achieving comfort through creativity, he says, “Bbayti to me is a way to connect as a community of those who are passionate, and who wish to spice up their environment in unique ways. I hope for everyone to stay tuned for our journey and contribute to the successful future that I envision for Bbayti!” ⁠

Natal Dia

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“Bbayti to me, is an outlet for thoughts and creativity that are portrayed as personal, warm, expressive, and limitless,” says Natal Dia, a 22-year-old aspiring architect. As a designer, the ability of drawing a smile on people’s faces when helping their visions and imagination turn to a reality that surrounds them daily is a great and rewarding feeling. Our team is prepared to work towards the following, and lead Bbayti through the satisfaction of our customers!⁠”⁠⠀

Omar Ahmad

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Omar Ahmad is a 21-year-old graduate with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. “My goal for Bbayti is to leave a mark in the homes of our customers, for them to have a touch of Bbayti wherever they go,” he says, “I want our customers to feel happy about how beautiful their homes look because of our products. I see Bbayti going to great places one day, and to hopefully become one of the best creative businesses in the UAE.”

Rund Samman

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“Design has always been a part of my life. As a kid I would always draw or paint, and since then my dream has always been to have my work showcased all over the world. Bbayti is making that dream come true,” Says 22-year-old graphic designer for Bbayti, Rund Samman. “Bbayti is a passion project created by a group of talented friends, whom I consider to be my family. We wanted to join our talents to create memorable and creative pieces for everyone. I believe that we are the perfect team; young, hardworking, creative and inspired by the endless possibilities of design. The future of Bbayti is bright, and I hope we leave a special print in everyone’s homes, from one family to another.”⁠

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