Vent: All-Inclusive Fashion

We at The Modern East are definitely fashion lovers – which is why it is a pleasure for us to present this UAE-based fashion brand to you that we are absolutely obsessed with. “Vent” created by 23-year-old Lebanese designer, Yasmina Bourji, is a fairly new fashion brand that is all about expressing yourself. Not only do we love what the brand stands for but we also love that is filling a void in the UAE clothing market when it comes to inclusivity and plus size clothing. Keep reading to learn all about it!

Vent: How it Came About

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Yasmina Bourji, the owner of garments and manufacturing company started her brand 2 years ago with the purpose of filling a void in the UAE clothing market. “I actually started making clothes for myself when I couldn’t find pieces that fit me very well in stores. I saw that this was a struggle for a lot of people, so I decided to start an all-inclusive brand,” Yasmina explains.

“When I premiered Vent, I organized a fashion show showcasing all the pieces of my collection. It featured a diverse set of local talents and models, and it was a huge success. That was one of my proudest moments,” Yasmina tells us. We definitely agree and are super proud too!

 Accolades and Looking Ahead

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Working in the fashion industry, it is difficult not to abide by the set beauty standard when it comes to designing clothes. For decades, we have been taught that bodies are meant to look a particular way and that certain clothes are only made for those particular body types, “My biggest sense of accomplishment comes from the responses I get from women every day that are so happy about finding an all-inclusive brand in the UAE,” Yasmina says.

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Yasmina further tells us about the brand’s participation in urban and streetwear fashion exhibitions renowned in the UAE, “We also participated in Sole DXB last year featuring a limited collection only available there. The outcome from that surpassed my expectations; not only in sales, but also from the feedback we got,” a well-deserved reaction to a unique brand that we should all be talking about!

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Looking at the future, Yasmina hopes that Vent will continue to grow and become an international name. “My aim is for people everywhere to know that they don’t need to be confined to the beauty standards that mainstream stores have set for them. Vent shatters that concept and aims to provide one of acceptance and the portrayal of beauty in all forms.”

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