Best Artisan Chocolates in Dubai

Honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s been the world’s favorite sweet treat for hundreds of years. However, not all chocolate is created equal. Sometimes you just want to grab quick and cheap chocolate from the shop because, well, sugar tastes amazing! But if you want to take your love of chocolate to the next level then you’re in luck! Here are a few of my favorite places to get (and experience) artisan chocolate in Dubai:

Al Nassma


(credit: Confectionary News)

Whilst camel milk chocolate definitely isn’t to everyone’s taste, you must try it at least once so you can agree that it’s absolutely delicious. Dubai’s Al Nassma Chocolates is the world’s first chocolatier specializing in camel milk, and they say that “it symbolizes the discerned taste of the Arabian world and a unique quality product”. If you really want to expand your chocolate horizons, you’re in the right place!

Forrey & Galland


Founded by two French chocolatiers, Forrey & Galland is named after an old Parisian brand. Bringing French culinary excellence to the chocolate scene, all of Forrey & Galland’s chocolates and premium quality, handmade, and not mention beautifully packaged! They say that “together with the creativeness of the French chefs, and an eye for carefully selecting the most premium ingredients, the result is a collection of sweets so luxurious, it is a rare and exclusive one!”

Cacao Sampaka



When you think of chocolate making countries, Spain probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind. But let me assure you that Cacao Sampaka’s chocolates are top-tier. Maybe this is because the company, quite unusually, involves itself in every level of chocolate creation, including hand-selecting the cocoa beans used to make these delicious treats. Not only that, though, they have plenty of weird and wonderful creations for you try like Matcha Green Tea, Cappuccino, and even Curry Truffle chocolates.

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