The Best Baba Ganoush Recipes We Could Find

Baba Ganoush is a great classic dish that is vegetarian friendly as well as easy on the hips. It’s healthy and full of fiber and something the home cook can easily tackle with little mess or fuss. Fun fact: It is thought to have perhaps been invented by a member of a royal harem! Since the name of the dish means pampered or coquettish father/daddy (the endearment) it is thought that perhaps the pampered daddy in question was a sultan. Possibly salaciously named but delicious, here are some amazing recipes to pamper anyone who tries them!

1) Loaded


The Mediterranean Dish food blog offers up this take that is positively drool worthy. It features a simple salad of fresh tomatoes, diced cucumbers, parsley, and lemon to give the dip a little extra zing and texture.  There’s also some greek yogurt added for extra creaminess, though that  ingredient could easily be left out if you’ve got vegan friends who want to partake.

Get the recipe here.

Photocred // The Mediterranean Dish

2) Miso


If you aren’t inspired to make this version after just looking at the picture, then we’re at a loss! Try not to lick the screen! The use of miso and addition of chickpeas to this recipe makes for a delightful twist on the traditional. The use of pistachio and slivered basil leaves also seem an inspired touch as both lend such clean, distinctive, but not overpowering flavors. With a total preparation time of 35 minutes, you’ll be digging in in no time!

Get the recipe here.

Photocred // Will Frolic For Food

3) With Spiced Lamb


Just in case you want to make this dish a little more carnivore friendly, or more a meal than simply a snack or appetizer, we’ve got you covered. A Calculated Whisk listed this marvelous looking take on the eggplant-centric concoction. If you’re not a fan of lamb, consider using beef instead. The use of some out of the norm spices like smoked paprika, coriander, cumin, and even fresh mint makes it a refreshing twist on familiar flavor profiles.

Get the recipe here.

Photocred // A Calculated Whisk

4) Zucchini Baba Ganoush

Zucchini Baba Ganoush

If you aren’t the biggest fan of aubergine, this recipe gives you a fantastic alternative so you can still have the baba ganoush experience. The zucchini is similar in texture and creaminess, and is overall a very mild vegetable that doesn’t get the bitterness that sometimes accompanies aubergines. Dig in!

Get the recipe here.

Photocred // The Spruce Eats

5) Baba Ganoush Pasta

If you’re such a huge fan of the flavor that you are looking for even more ways to incorporate it into your diet, try this recipe from BOSH! Instead of a typical pasta sauce, this approach substitutes the basic staples of baba ganoush to dress the noodles. It looks fabulous, is vegetarian friendly, and comes together in a snap!


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