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The birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans offers a serious variety of mind-blowing, breathtaking, awe-inspiring music, history, culture and food. To truly immerse yourself in the city and understand its essence, indulging in its food is the way to go. Heavily inspired by Creole cuisine, Cajun Cuisine, and Soul food, NOLA definitely deserves its reputation for South’s best food city. Here are a few restaurants and their signature dishes that will keep you salivating for days.


Mahony’s Po-Boys & Seafood

If you’ve never heard of a Po-Boy, this is a place to get educated. A sandwich that will never let you down is the Angus ‘Pot Roast’ Beef. Also, another dish that is a must-try when in town is the Shrimp & Grits – jumbo gulf shrimp, okra, corn, bbq shrimp butter, praline bacon and cheesy tasso grits. Try saying no to that. We dare you.


Deanie’s Seafood Grill

This place takes your love for seafood to a whole new level. You can’t visit NOLA and not try their Crawfish. That would be almost an insult to the city. Boiled in aromatic seasoning, it’s usually eaten with steamed corn on the cob and buttery boiled potatoes. Another winner is their BBQ Prawns. You just can’t go wrong at this joint.


Port of Call

We understand that not everyone enjoys seafood so here’s one for you meat lovers. Rated as the best burgers in town! You know a place is good when the menu comprises of literally 4 items, each made with tender loving care and flavour that’ll blow your mind. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations so think carefully if you’re planning on going during the weekend. The waitlist can take up to an hour for a table!



Surrounded by beautiful art murals and colourful vibes, Katie’s has got a genuine family feel to the place that will no doubt make your day. Not only is the food full of flavour but the drinks too! Try their signature Bloody Marys alongside their deep fried Oyster Po Boy and Feta cheese fries.

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