Croissant Flavors We Love

Mmm, what better thing to eat for breakfast than a good ol’ pastry? Not the healthiest option – true, but we can all cheat on our diets every once in a while. We definitely have a week spot for a croissant – and fun fact: The original croissant was called Kipfel and originated in Austria in 1683. Since its creation, the croissant has been made in many different flavors. From sweet to savory – here is our list of croissant flavors that we love.

Chocolate Croissant

We can’t start this list off without mentioning chocolate croissants. Legend has it that Marie-Antoinette introduced the croissant to France, but croissants and pains au chocolat are a relatively modern invention. Whoever invented them was a genius and we love them for it!

Turkey and Cheese Croissant

Plain old cheese croissants can get a little boring – get you some protein in that snack! Turkey and cheese go great together in almost anything, so it is no surprise that this savory treat is absolutely scrumptious.

Almond Croissant

Fun fact: almond croissants were originally developed as a way to rescue day-old croissants. These sweet-flavored croissants are puffy, crispy, and topped off with almond shavings and powdered sugar. A lovely light treats.

Gelato Croissant

No one expects ice-cold gelato to ooze out when they bite into a croissant, so this filling gets extra points for its surprise factor. Simply slice a croissant in half and hide a scoop or two inside, then immediately serve and watch guests go crazy with delight – absolutely delicious!

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