Dubai’s 9 Most Insta-worthy Ice Cream Spots

There’s ice cream that you eat straight out of a tub at home (like the insanely delish @canvas.gelato) and then there’s ice cream that you go out for. The kind that looks so good, it makes its way onto your feed for everyone to see. Here’s a list of our top 9 ice cream places in Dubai!

1. #OTT Soft Serves at @sweetsalvation

Cotton candy and birthday candles on a softie? We’re all in. Sweet Salvation has all the right flavours and toppings for a truly satisfying serve + cute teal backdrops for pics!

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How to make Monday not boring

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2. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches at @unicorn.vibes.sweets

Choose from delicious cookies (including a Nutella-stuffed option) and ice cream for the perfect sandwich. This place even has a floral wall to take your photo game to the next level.

3. Cool Blooms at @amorinouae

If you always have trouble picking a flavour, this baby is for you! Amorino’s blooming serve can be customised with all your fav picks – the more flavours, the prettier 🙂

4. Seasonal Softies at @findsalt

Beyond their classic (and downright delicious) Lotus Softie, SALT consistently puts out seasonal soft serves that are both beautiful and yum – and always on trend.

5. Charcoal Ice Cream with Edible Gold at @scoopicafe

Yes, charcoal ice cream has been making the rounds. But Scoopi’s deep black charcoal ice cream topped with edible gold? That’s Beyoncé level. And no one says no to Bey.

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Give in to the dark temptation 🖤

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6. Elderflower Ice Cream at

Sweet, perfume-y and downright elegant to look at. 21 Grams’ Elderflower ice cream is a special kind of pretty – and delightfully creamy to eat!

7. Ghazal Beirut at @leilarestaurant

Now this baby is video material 😉 Tucked inside, under layers of Lebanese ‘cotton candy’, sits a delicious mound of velvety ice cream waiting to be discovered and devoured.

8. Karak Ice Cream at @3.fils

Another video star! 3 Fils knows how to make dessert time insta-worthy with their little Karak ice cream table show. Just sit back and turn your camera on – then off, while you eat that deliciousness up 😛

9. Fruit Ice Cream Bowls at @holadelights

Get your ice cream fix without all the guilt 😛 Hola serves up all the #beachvibes in the form of colourful fruit and ice cream bowls! These cuties come loaded in your ‘fruit bowl’ of choice and are always camera-ready.

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