Food for Thought: COYA

Every time I go to COYA I am delighted. In fact, I think it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai, which is no mean feat given the huge selection of incredible chefs and international institutions on offer. We’ve had birthdays there, dinners out as well as the brunch and it has always been a delicious experience. If you’ve never had Peruvian, this is the benchmark.

I went to Coya again last week whilst my parents were in town visiting and they were equally as impressed. The whole vibe from the moment you walk in is beaut. It’s buzzy without being too noisy you can’t talk; the tables are big enough you can all sit comfortably (and spaciously) and they even have a little tray which extends from under the chairs for you to pop your handbag on (or your keys and wallet)

The menu at Coya is pretty hard to choose from if I’m honest, so would recommend going with friends who don’t mind sharing so you can sample as much as possible! I didn’t give my family much of a choice on this, so we had a mixture of everything and loveeeed it.

Here’s what was on our line-up:

Guacamole, corn chips and prawn crackers. This one they make on your table in front of you, which means you can see everything going in and can customize how much chili you want. Hot tip: order bulk of these if you’re with a group.

When the soft shell crab tacos were put down on the table they honestly looked so crazy, there were little crabby limbs poking out which may freak some people out but if you can overcome that feeling then you are in for a delicious treat.

Make sure you add to your order the lamb and the beef ribs. Honestly, I don’t think I know enough adjectives to describe this. The carnivores among you will devour this because the meat is cooked to perfection and falls off the bone.

We ordered the red snapper ceviche in coconut milk (pargo al coco). This dish is actually served in a coconut so for all the instafoodies out there, this is a real treat to snap before eating. Hot tip: if you really want to double down on the coconut flavors, as you scoop out the fish you can also scrape some of the coconut flesh out with it. YUM.

For those who are not as adventurous, I can definitely recommend the chicken and prawn skewers too. Served on your own personal charcoal grill it arrives with that perfect smoky smell really igniting your senses and getting those taste buds prepped and primed.

 I ordered the Chilean sea bass main (lubina Chilena) and I’m still having dreams about it. It really was the star of the show. I’m not one to normally get that excited about fish, but this one is different. It was tender, creamy and the texture was insanely perfect. The balance of flavors blew my mind and after writing this think I might make a reservation tonight just so I can eat it again!

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