Kickin’ Quesadilla Recipes

Mexico has given a lot of goodness to the world when it comes to culinary delights. With their crispy outer layer and gooey cheesy fillings, quesadillas are beyond delicious. The quesadilla originated in central and northern Mexico all the way back in the 16th century. They’re a super versatile food that lend themselves well to tons of tasty variations. Translated, the world quesadilla literally means: “little cheesy thing”. If you love these little cheesy things, you’ll want to try out these delish recipes.

Chicken Fajita Style Quesadillas

This recipe from Cooking Classy is super easy to follow and does a nice job of laying down the groundwork if you’re new to cooking Mexican cuisine at home. It also gives some good ideas for alternatives if you prefer a beef or meatless option. Plus, it lists the bests kind of cheeses to use to ensure you get that perfect melt going.

Quesadillas {Chicken Fajita Style}

Pizza Quesadilla

We love a good food mash up. This one, from Little Dairy On The Prairie, combines two foods that are hard to resist, and turns them into this behemoth of yum. The page also provides links to a bevy of other drool-inducing quesadilla variations that you will likely want to try.

Photo Credit: Little Dairy On The Prairie Instagram

Shrimp Quesadillas

If seafood is more your speed, you’ll want to try this recipe from Gimme Delicious. The wonderful thing about quesadillas is they’re so easy to add to or take away from. Don’t like an ingredient, leave it out and replace it with something you love. Inspiration is great, but never be afraid to make a dish truly your own.

Photo Credit: Gimme Delicious

Spinach Avocado Breakfast Quesadillas

Quesadillas for breakfast? Ooooh, you betcha. This scrumptious recipe comes atcha thanks to Cookin’ Canuck. Why settle for your usual avocado toast, when you can take things to a whole new level? G’wan and try it. It’s good to try new things.

Photo Credit: Cookin’ Canuck

One Pan Vegetarian Quesadillas

This recipe from Erhardt’s Eat is absolutely packed with flavor. There’s sweet potato, avocado, black beans, corn, peppers, cheese, and a whole bunch of incredible Mexican spices in these. They’re also wonderfully filling and comforting. One look at this video, and you will find it hard to resist not making these this week.

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